June 24, 2024

After leaving ‘Secret Truths 2’ columnist Camila Queiroz rejected: ‘I didn’t get a degree’

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After leaving 'Secret Truths 2' columnist Camila Queiroz rejected: 'I didn't get a degree'

Camila Queiroz, who left the “Secret Truths 2” team, of Globoplay, on Wednesday (17) responded to information provided by writer Leo Dias, of the MetrĂ³poles website, who stated that the actress had “submitted” a testimonial not to participate in recordings of the result of his character Angel.

“There are no Leo days, I have not met” he testifies. I had a stomach ache for more than 10 days and because I had always prioritized my work, I didn’t go to the doctor yet. What happened, Camila said, was that the crisis worsened and I had to take an IV with medicine in my vein.

The actress even recommended that people listen to both sides before publishing information indicating that she lied about her health.

Through a statement, Globo announced that the ending of the recordings for “Secret Truths 2” had to be delayed by a week, which was due to end on the past tenth.

In dealing with Camila Queiroz for a contract extension, the network claims that the actress who plays Angel made some unacceptable demands, such as marking the end of her character in production and being part of a third season finale.

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