June 25, 2024

Gogo’s daughter opened the game about fighting with her brother

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Gogo's daughter opened the game about fighting with her brother

Marina Liberato, one of the girls Joe Joe, opened the alleged fighting game with his brother, Joao Augusto Liberato. The two had severed relations in August of this year, due to differences after the death of the announcer who He passed away at the age of 60, in 2019.

However, It seems that the atmosphere between the two brothers is now one of peace. At least that’s what Marina suggested through her Instagram Stories. There, a follower wanted to know if the girl was quarreling with Joao and if they were not talking. Twin Sophia, in turn, confirmed that they are talking yes.

“Rahah. We are not fighting and I spoke to him today.”Marina said while taking a relaxing selfie to respond to the netizen.

Marina Liberato denies that she is fighting with her brother
Marina Liberato denies that she is fighting with her brother (Image: Instagram / Instagram)

Despite the young woman’s statement, The twins did not attend their brother’s birthday on the 10th of November. The boy celebrated the date only with his mother Rose Miriam and his girlfriend.

“Our children are God’s blessings. Our great opportunity to become the best people. Happy birthday my beloved son,” Rose wrote at the time.

in season, Sophia, even without attending her brother’s birthday, left him a message on Instagram: “My little brother’s birthday is already twenty! I really love you! ‘,” the young woman wrote.

Sofia congratulated her brother Joao Augusto

I understand the fight of the children of Jojo Liberato

The fighting between the sons of Qugo who died in November 2019, It began after the twins posed against Joao and his aunt, the numerologist Aparecida Liberato. She was named the inventor of the fortune of the presenter.

Because it controls the money that teens receive, The two complained that they charge too low compared to their brother and grandmother, Donna Maria do Sio, as well as that her aunt refused to give her an increase in her allowance.

Marina and Sophia defend the mother’s right to share the heritage of communication, While the boy next to his aunt. In July, João Augusto, in a note, stated that the two sisters had been manipulated in his father’s inventory, and said the 17-year-old sisters’ emancipation was “doubtful”.

Defending Marina and Sophia, which is the same as defending Rose Miriam in turn, It was reported that the “manipulation” occurred on the side that Joao is defending He highlighted the “immaturity of the 19-year-old boy”.

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