July 18, 2024

Next chapter, Friday, November 19. TV news

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Next chapter, Friday, November 19.  TV news
Next chapter, Friday, November 19.  TV news

Check out the next chapter summary of place in the sunGlobo’s Nine O’Clock TV series which airs on Friday (19):

Lara tells Barbara that she doesn’t know any Renato Meirelles. Barbara apologizes to Renato / Christian. Matthews gathers Marie, Lara, and Noka. Castillo tells Barbara, Nicole and Rebecca that Santiago has to stop working. Rebecca gives her father an ultimatum. A few months pass. Santiago faints during the ceremony held in his honor.

Tullio mentors Renato/Cristian on his first day working at Redentor Network. Ravi promises that Joey will help the woman’s family. Elenice meets Alipio during a trip to New York with Teodoro. Renato / Christian refuses to lend Ravi money to help Joey’s family. Ravi resigns.

It’s time for Barbara to give birth, and Mercedes asks Ravi to take her to the hospital. Joey also goes into labour, and Renato/Cristian saves her. Barbara loses her baby. Ravi learns that his son has been born and goes to the hospital, where he meets Renato / Christian. Ravi tells Renato / Christian that his friend’s son did not resist. Ravi and Renato/Christian watching Francisco in the nursery.

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