May 31, 2023

Confusion at Castelão interrupts and ends the Nordestão final between Ceará and Sport; Watch the video | Northeast Cup

Confusion caused the match to stop and at the final whistle, Ciara won 2 to 1. (see video below). The game saw eight minutes of extra time in the second half, which would result in the game ending at 53.

Chairs are thrown by sports fans from Ceará, in Arena Castelao, in the final of the Copa do Nordest

The Sport crowd was located in the upper sector of Castelão, above part of the Ceará crowd, in the lower sector. In the video, it is possible to see chairs and objects being thrown, mostly from top to bottom, which starts a riot.

The military police took action, and began the process of dispersing the vandals who had ripped the seats from the Castelao Arena.

Fight at Ceará x Sport in Castelão – Photo: Kid Jr. / svm

– I didn’t understand how the confusion started, but unfortunately they are unfortunate episodes that we try to ban in football – commented the head of sport, Yuri Romao, in an interview with Rádio Jornal shortly after the match.

The second leg is scheduled for May 3. Ceará is playing for a tie in the Ilha do Retiro for the title, while Sport needs to win by goal difference to get a penalty shootout or by a difference of 2 to be champions.

Confusion between Ceara and sports fans at the Northeast Cup final in Castelao – Photo: Lucas Emmanuel/AGIF

Sports fan out

During the second half, the stadium’s sound system announced that sports fans would have to either withdraw from Castelao until the 35th minute or wait 90 minutes after the final whistle. Fans were allowed to leave the arena around 1 am.

Confusion between Ceara and Sport fans at the Copa do Nordeste final in Castelao – Photo: Lucas Emmanuel/Ajev

Watch the best moments:

The best moments of Ceará 2 x 1 Sport, for the Copa do Nordeste final