June 23, 2024

Connect SUS becomes unstable and Brazilians face problems obtaining a certificate of vaccination against Covid | Serum

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Connect SUS becomes unstable and Brazilians face problems obtaining a certificate of vaccination against Covid |  Serum

Persons who have already completed the vaccination schedule against COVID-19 (Two doses or one dose) The vaccination certificate can now be issued in the Connect SUS app, from Ministry of Health. However, the system has shown instability since last week, a problem that persisted on Monday (28).

In addition to the impossibility of issuing the certificate, users reported that the doses actually applied are not included in the system.

The certificate issued by the application is important for international travel and is already in use in the national territory: In Rio de Janeiro, for example, the document issued by the application will be one way to prove vaccination.

NS st 1 Test ran and Connect SUS app showed instability on Monday afternoon. In some queries, the system does not load the certificate (as in the image above) or displays an error message (As the following picture).

The Connect SUS app displays the instability of issuing a certificate of vaccination – Photo: Personal Archive

Connect SUS Citizen is the official application of the Ministry of Health, where a person can consult data on vaccination against Covid-19 and all services of the Unified Health System (SUS).

Dosages are not shown in the system

In addition to the problems with issuing the certificate, users on social networks report that the doses are not recorded in the system. Renata Capucci, correspondent for TV Globo, is one of those people.

In an interview with Journal Nacional on Saturday (28), bank employee Gustavo Tocantins reported a problem with inserting the second dose into Connect SUS. According to him, the information is incomplete in the system. He took the first dose on June 6 and the second on August 23.

Brazilians face difficulty in issuing a certificate of vaccination against Covid

Brazilians face difficulty in issuing a certificate of vaccination against Covid

“It just shows my second dose and then I click to generate the certificate. It will run here forever, it doesn’t generate the certificate. Hopefully when everything improves we can go back to an almost normal life. This includes traveling and going places, and we’re seeing a lot of mobilization from countries Even countries here are already considering making this a requirement to prove vaccines “We want something that proves that quickly,” says banker Gustavo Tocantins.

In a note to Journal Nacional on Saturday (28), the Ministry of Health said the Connect SUS app is unstable, but is already working normally. About the reported problems, the ministry indicated only one way: access to support in the application itself in the “talk to Connect SUS”.

This afternoon, after consulting with st 1The government stated that the responsibility for introducing doses into the system rests with the states, but did not comment on the instability of the system.

“(…) The information in the ConnectSUS Citizen app is fed by states and municipalities by the National Health Data Network (RNDS). The information is provided within 72 hours after records are sent to the national network. The folder also informs citizens who do not have a record Their vaccination is available on the application within ten days after the date of vaccination, they must search for the vaccination site, state or municipal health department in their area, to request registration and apply For further instructions, the user can access support in the application itself, through the “Speak” menu to SUS Connect,” the Ministry of Health reported.

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Vaccine volunteers are also waiting to register

The Journal Nacional showed it 7,500 Brazilian volunteers participated in the testing phase of the Janssen vaccine So far it hasn’t been included in Connect SUS either.

Carlos Brights, research coordinator at Janssen (BA), told JN that the problem appears to be generic. “Apparently, the issue is the same for all participants. I think it is a bureaucratic issue, perhaps, internal to the regulators.”

Two CoronaVac volunteers also reported the same issue on Twitter.

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