September 21, 2023
Due to a variant, Health changed the protocol for patients showing signs of influenza in Joinville

Due to a variant, Health changed the protocol for patients showing signs of influenza in Joinville

Due to the infection and symptoms of the Covid-19 Delta variant, Joinville will change some healthcare protocols. Now, in addition to the testimony of people with confirmed cases of coronavirus, doctors will be directed so that people with signs of influenza remain in isolation.

The decision was made this Monday, the 30th, at a meeting of Crisis officeIt was attended by Mayor Adriano Silva, Deputy Reagan Gambin and trustees from all areas of municipal administration.

The progression of the epidemic and the circulation of the delta variable were factors that spurred the change. “Because the symptoms of the delta variant are very similar to those of the common flu, this change will help stop the spread of the disease,” Health Minister Jan Rodriguez da Silva explains.

According to a note from the Epidemiological Surveillance Council (Dive-SC), released on Thursday, 26, Joinville is the city of Santa Catarina with the highest number of delta variant cases, with 12 records. At the back is São Francisco do Sul, with eight affirmations.

To prevent the spread of the virus, Jan also announced that the health technical team is working to update the technical note regarding the guidelines for leave of absence.

The mayor took the opportunity to highlight the importance of vaccination and stressed the need to alert the population of the exact date of the second dose, with the aim of completing the immunization cycle.

We have applied about 540 thousand doses of the vaccine and have more than 155,000 people from Joinville with full vaccination. The absences are still a point of interest, because about 7,000 Joinvilles did not turn up on schedule for the second dose,” warns the mayor.

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