February 29, 2024

Conrado on malignant rectal polyp: “It’s been around for eight years” | celebrities

Andrea Sorvetao’s husband, singer Conrado, discovered a malignant tumor in the rectum reproduction

Posted on 03/31/2023 22:53


RIO — Singer Conrado, 55, spoke for the first time about being diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the rectum. On Friday, Andrea Sorvetau’s husband explained in detail how the medical team came to the conclusion, that he is about to undergo surgery on Sunday to remove the tumor.

“I said (to the doctor): ‘Is it likely to be malignant?'” ”, in an interview with SBT’s “Fofocalizando” program. “I had a colonoscopy, I did an endoscopy, and the colon came out right away. They don’t say that I have a tumor, they say: “You have a rectal ulcer.” They actually came here and told Andrea: “He has a tumor. Only she knew, I didn’t know,” he said.

However, Conrado also highlighted the relief he felt when he learned that no malignancy had been found: “For me it was a victory. The surgery is scheduled for Sunday, and we’re going to do it with robots and we’re going to remove the tumor,” he explains.

Before finishing his degree, Paqueta’s ex-husband took the opportunity to leave a warning to men in his age group. “People who are 40 today should start doing colonoscopies, start treatment, start preventive measures. They said to me, ‘Do you know how long this polyp has been?’ For eight years.” Don’t let them do that and warn about colonoscopies.