September 27, 2023

BBB 23: Domitella’s mother speaks out and reveals secret ‘dating’ details to her sister after some rumors that he wasn’t around: “He’s very shy…”


After some suspicions of an alleged fabrication of the case, Roberta Barros brought it to an end

Play / Rede Globo
Play / Rede Globo

In BBB 23, not much is known about some of the brothers and sisters or their personal relationships. However, one of them released a little something about what they went through outside of the program, but without major details. In Domitilla’s case, the sister said she was dating. However, no one knows who the boy is! Since then, in these months that she is confined, he has not yet appeared.

The case has intrigued fans, who suspect this acquaintance could be true. What was denied by her mother, Roberta Barros, who defended the beauty queen, claiming that she had already met her son-in-law. She even says that Domitilla’s boyfriend doesn’t like taking pictures: “It’s her secret. He’s so shy, he doesn’t even like taking pictures.”he told Contigo.

Play / Rede Globo

Roberta also revealed some of the boy’s traits and the encounter he ended up having with his mysterious son-in-law. “He’s a very calm person! Domitilla reflected. Even with the mention that dating exists, many people are curious as to who Domitilla’s famous boyfriend is. The question remains whether the face of the case will ever be revealed to the public.

Because the boy was shy, Roberta said she did not know him and had only communicated by phone, until one day they met. I said, “This is it.” “He walked in and I knew. When I saw him, I felt like I knew him from another life. It was a reunion.”.