February 28, 2024

“If she wins, it will not be possible to explain”; The journalist blows up Amanda’s match in BBB23 and does not forgive and declares that the sister does not deserve to reach the final reality.


The sister was named as one of the nominees for the award

The journalist blasts Amanda and claims her sister doesn't deserve to win BBB 23
© Photos 1 and 2 – Reproduction / TV GloboThe journalist blasts Amanda and claims her sister doesn’t deserve to win BBB 23

participant position Amanda In the Big Brother Brazil It caused many comments from fans of the program on social networks. As one of the favorites to win the award, the internet is torn between supporting the Doctor and questioning her gameplay.

to the journalist Diego ChoenHost splash displaythe post is beloved by the couch audience precisely because it doesn’t appear much in the release: “Amanda is easily loved by the couch crowd. When the version does not show Amanda on TV and shows Domitilla more and her faults, the audience tends to judge Domitilla much more. Couch audiences don’t have a true sense of who Amanda is within 24 hours of the showShot.

Play / TV Globo

According to the professional, the doctor did not deserve to go to the end of the program, and the presenter went directly to blow up the sister’s game: “Amanda doesn’t play, she doesn’t take a stand and she doesn’t deserve to be in the final and win the 23rd BBB. If she wins, it would be inexplicable and unfair to the history of the other participants.”

Dieguinho also commented on the chances of Domitila being eliminated from the programme: “If she was nominated by anyone out there in the desert, she would have a high chance of being eliminated at that time. What can’t happen is having Amanda, Domitilla and Alvas on the same wall.”