February 29, 2024

Convenience in your pocket! gasoline fell for the fifth consecutive month; See prices

The year 2022 has been marked by continuous contrast in fuel price. December was no different. In this scenario, the average value of gasoline decreased by 1.06% compared to the previous month. This marks the fifth consecutive monthly low.

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Thus, gasoline can be found at gas stations at R$5.27. Data is from the Ticket Register Price Index (IPTL).


The first cut occurred in July, when the average was R$6.50. In total, the decline has already reached the 19% mark. On the other hand, ethanol rose in the last month of the year, ending at an average price of R$4.31, up 0.61% from the previous month.


When analyzing at a regional level, the North stands out, for example, with the highest averages for the two fuels. Even with the 0.47% drop in petrol prices, the price still works out to R$5.45 at local gas stations. In the case of ethanol, there was a decrease of 0.30% (Br 4.61) compared to November.

However, the cheapest petrol in the country (R$5.10) is located in the southeastern region. The most affordable ethanol is actually in the Midwest of the country which, although up 0.84%, has an average value of R$3.97.

However, when looking at the breakdown by state, Roraima had the highest values ​​in Brazil for both fuels: ethanol had an average price of R$5.15 (a decrease of 3.56%) and gasoline was up by 0.19%, with an average price of R$5.89.

When looking at the cheapest fuel in Brazil, there is petrol in Amazonas (R$4.85) and ethanol in Paraiba (R$3.77).

Finally, although the price of ethanol is more advantageous in only one case, it is worth noting that it is able to reduce emissions of harmful gases to the environment, and therefore it is more environmentally viable.