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Copa do Brasil starts selecting classifieds on Wednesdays this Tuesday; See scenarios and prizes | Brazil Cup

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Copa do Brasil starts selecting classifieds on Wednesdays this Tuesday;  See scenarios and prizes |  Brazil Cup

After a two-week break, the Copa del Rey will once again attract the fans’ attention from Tuesday, when the second leg matches of the Round of 16 of the competition begin. Which many called “the greatest in history.”

All because of the many classics and the presence of 14 Serie A clubs. The two exceptions are the traditional Cruzeiro and Bahia found in the G4 of the second division.

The first leg match proved the weight of the clashes. This is because, in the eight duels, only two teams managed to gain an advantage by more than two goals. It should be noted that since 2018, goals scored away from home are not used as a tiebreaker.

Copa de Brazil Cup – Photo: Laís Torres / CBF

Check out the match scenario:

Atletico – PR x Bahia (Route: Bahia 1 x 2 Atletico – PR)

Atletico beat Bahia in the first match of the Copa del Rey round of 16

Atletico beat Bahia in the first match of the Copa del Rey round of 16

The match that opens the Round of 16 rematch this Tuesday, 8:30 p.m., at Arena da Baixada. After unlocking a feature in Salvador, Atlético only needs a draw to advance. However, recent history shows that it is a good idea for a hurricane to enter the continuum field.

That’s because, in the 2018 South American Championship quarter-finals, Bahia managed to return, in Curitiba, the score achieved in their first home game (in this case, 1-0), with Robro Negro leading only on penalties. ends as a hero). And theIn elimination matches, Hurricane also won the 1992 and 2011 Brasil Cup.

Victory with two goals gives the spot to Tricolor and takes the decision again on penalties.

Cruzeiro x Fluminense (1 way: Fluminense 2 x 1 Cruzeiro)

Fluminense beat Cruzeiro in the Copa del Rey the last time Luis Henrique played in the Maracanã

Fluminense beat Cruzeiro in the Copa del Rey the last time Luis Henrique played in the Maracanã

Another open duel. After winning by a narrow margin in the MaracanaFluminense just needs a draw in Mineirao, at 21, to go forward. The match will be the first after that The official retirement of striker Fred . fox who Siri drivesyou need to win by two goals to qualify or by one to take the dispute to a penalty shootout.

And for this, Cruzeiro is betting on his strength as a home team. In this case, there are already 14 unbeaten matches, with wins in the last 11 matches, eight of them in the second division where they maintain 100%.

Tricolor, in turn, is having a good time, with the team unbeaten in six matches, with five consecutive victories (all in Rio de Janeiro).

Goiás x Atlético-GO (Outside: Atlético-GO 0x0 Goiás)

Atlético Go and Goiás tied 0-0 in the Copa del Rey

Atlético Go and Goiás tied 0-0 in the Copa del Rey

The ‘Big Wednesday’ of the historic Brazilian Copa Classic between Guayes and Atlético-Go begins at 7 p.m. at the Serinha Stadium. This gets more stress after that Negative draw in the first legwhich leaves the definition completely open.

Curiously enough, both Goiás and Atlético-GO qualified for the Round of 16 on penalties. Esmeraldino after a crazy feud against Bragantino, which ended with a score of 9-8, And goalkeeper Tadu defended five kicks. Already a dragon Beat Cuiaba, away, 5-3after 0-0 in normal time

Predict strong feelings in the capital of Goiás.

Ciara vs Fortaleza (One way: Fortaleza 2 x 0 Ciara)

Pikachu decided, Fortaleza beat Ciara

Pikachu decided, Fortaleza beat Ciara

Ciara and Fortaleza resume writing at 8 p.m., in Castelão, another historic chapter of the King’s Classic. The second classification in the Brazilian Cup. and after Elimination of the competitor in the third stage of the competition last yearHe gave Fortaleza an assignment A move to open a two-goal lead in the first leg.

Thus, Vojvoda’s team, which comes from elimination in the round of 16 from Libertadores and Bitter Lantern in the Brazilian Championship, can lose even by one goal to qualify for the quarter-finals for the second year in a row.

the sound, Who reached the Sudamericana quarter-finalsHe needs to beat the opponent by three or more goals to advance. The result he scored in Serie A last year, when he crushed 4-0, in round 33. Alfinegro’s two-goal win leads to a penalty shootout.

Flamingo – Atletico MG (1 Road: Atletico MG 2 x 1 Flamingo)

Atlético-MG vs Flamengo - Best Moments

Atlético-MG vs Flamengo – Best Moments

A historic duel competition between two of the most successful clubs in Brazilian football in recent years. In what may be the competition’s decision, Gallo has the advantage of a tie on Wednesday, 21:30, at the Maracana, To achieve victory by a minimum margin in Mineiraoin a great performance by Hulk.

On the Rio side, Lazaro’s goal, 35 minutes into the second half, to reduce damage, and pardon the pun, was a kind of “resurrection” for Flamengo, who now need to win two or more goals to advance, or one-goal take penalties.

Hope reinforced by the last reflection of the classic between the two teams in Rio de Janeiro. In the last 12 matches, Flamengo have won nine (five of them with a difference of two goals or more) for one draw and two victories for Gallo.

Santos vs Corinthians (Outside: Corinthians 4 x 0 Santos)

Best Moments: Corinthians 4 x 0 Santos for the Copa del Rey

Best Moments: Corinthians 4 x 0 Santos for the Copa del Rey

The match with the largest goal difference in the first leg. after, after beat Santos 4-0, At the New Coimica Arena, Corinthians took a huge step towards the quarter-finals of the competition. This is because, now, Timão can lose by up to three goals, on Wednesday, at 21:30, at Vila Belmiro, who is still alive.

As for Peixe, the almost impossible task of re-defeating by four remained to decide on penalties or for more goals and qualify in the original time. Which would, at this point, be historical.

The last time Santos managed to achieve something similar against Corinthians was in the fourth round of the 2014 Campeonato Paulista, When he crushed in a ratio of 5 to 1, he also played for Vila Belmiro.

Palmeiras vs Sao Paulo (first-leg: Sao Paulo 1 x 0 Palmeiras)

BEST MOMENTS: Sao Paulo 1 x 0 Palmeiras, Round of 16 of the Copa del Rey 2022

Best moments: Sao Paulo 1 x 0 Palmeiras, Round of 16 of the Copa del Rey 2022

On Thursday, Palmeiras and Sao Paulo will face each other again at 8 p.m., at Allianz Parque, in a decisive match for King Choc. after, after Winning with minimum points, in MorumbiTricolor takes advantage of playing for a tie. Which is important, but far from the safe margin. Even because the memories of the last Paulista final are still fresh in the memory. From the two teams.

At that time, Sao Paulo went into the second match against the opponent, away from home, with an even greater advantage after winning the first leg 3-1. However, with much higher performance, Palmeiras won the title easily 4-0.

Meanwhile, Sao Paulo suffered another painful defeat for its rival in the Brazilian Championship, when it was winning 1-0 until the 45th minute of the second half and succumbed to the role.

Botafogo x América (Method: América-MG 3×0 Botafogo)

America-MG vs Botafogo - Best Moments

America-MG vs Botafogo – Best Moments

The other team For a good advantage, the second leg was América-MG. With the victory at the Independencia stadium, Coelho may lose by two goals to Botafogo, on Thursday, at 9 pm, at the Nilton Santos Stadium, who qualifies for the quarter-finals.

As for Alvenegro, we still have to return to the disadvantage by imposing penalties, or scoring to continue his dream of his first title in the Copa del Rey. At least, history plays for the Lone Star.

This is because, as a home team, Botafogo has never been defeated by America-MG in official competitions. In seven encounters, there were two draws and five victories. However, none of them by three goals. On two occasions, the Whites won twice (3-1 and 4-2, both in the Brazilian Championship).

Clubs that qualify for the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey will receive a total prize pool of 3.9 million Brazilian riyals.

Brazil Cup 2022 prize quotas – Photo: Disclosure / Brazilian Football Confederation

opposition to competition from the first stage, Cruzeiro, Ceará, Santos and São Paulo are the clubs with the most trophies to date, with cumulative trophies totaling R$7.67 million, each. Soon, Atlético-GO and Goiás appeared, with 7.18 million Brazilian reals.

Because they only entered the third stage, Bahia (the champion of the Northeast Cup last year), Botafogo (the champion of the second division), in addition to America-MG, Atlético-PR, Atlético MG, Corinthians, Flamengo, Fluminense, Fortaleza, Palmeiras accumulated ( from Libertadores) 4.9 million Brazilian reals, because it was not due for the shares of the previous two phases.

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