June 14, 2024

Corinthians beat Ava/Kinderman and take the lead in the fight for a place in the semi-finals of the Brazilian Nationals

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Corinthians beat Ava/Kinderman and take the lead in the fight for a place in the semi-finals of the Brazilian Nationals

Corinth scored an important victory away from home on Sunday night. Playing in Ressacada, Timão beat Avaí/Kindermann 4-1 and took the lead in the fight for a place in the semi-finals of Brasileirão Mulher – goals scored by Jheniffer, Tamires, Vic Albuquerque and Gi Campiolo.

Alvinegra started the match with difficulty leaving the scoreboard behind. Despite this, he managed to come back in the first half. In the second stage, Timão kept pressing to expand the score and had more play and got defeated easily.

Timão schedule: Corinthians will now return to the field next Thursday, the 19th. The team will face Sao Paulo, in the second round of Paulistao, at 7 pm, in Fazendinha. For Brazil, Timão and Avaí/Kindermann will face each other again at 6pm on Sunday 22nd.


Corinthians got an important boost tonight: midfielder Andrecinha has recovered from lower back pain and has already been called up by Arthur Elias. So, the team went to the field with: Kimili, Katusia, Polyana, Erica, Jassim, Gabi Zanotti, Andersina, Gabi Portillo, Tamiris, Vic Albuquerque and Jennifer.


My Timon

Avai/Kinderman in turn went to the field with Barbara, Carla, Tuwani, Zoe, Karina, Larry, Kaitlin, Barbara Melo, Camilla, Carol, and Lily.

And how was the game?

First time

The match started well thought out, as both teams exchanged passes. Corinthians tried their first free kick with Andrecinha, but the ball rebounded in the area and was in Barbara’s hands.

Both teams created a lot of chances, but no danger. Then, within ten minutes, the Corinthians defense misfired and Lilly received the pass into the area to hit Kimelli’s exit and open the scoring. Alfingra tried to respond quickly when Gabi Portillo received a pass from Gabi Zanotti on the right side and then crossed it in a small area, but the ball passed through Yassim and went out of the finish line.

Timon continued pressing the goal and approached Jennifer. Right-back Yassim received Tamiris’ pass from the left and across the area, the ball deflected and found the 9 shirt, which finished off the goalkeeper, but not the defender who was waiting, and eliminated the danger on the line.

After leaving the scoreboard, Corinthians began to have more possession of the ball and worked in search of the goal. On the left, Vick, Yasmeen, and Shirt scored 17 feet from the low-zone entrance, but no power to Barbara’s defense.

The Alvinegra team was in danger again now on the right. Gabe Portillo played on the finish line, cleared the A and sent Vick Albuquerque into the zone. The Corinthians fan tried first, but hit the goalkeeper who got the ball.

In the next step, Corinthians reached a tie. Yasim took a free kick from the edge of the area, the ball hit the foot of the crossbar and returned in the small area to Jennifer to push it to the back of the net and make everything as it were.

Avai/Kinderman tried to score the second goal and Carol got the ball on the edge of the area. I invaded and got rid of a Corinthians fan and kicked in the goal, but Erica got there in time and deflected the ball into the corner.

Corinthians put a lot of pressure on the offensive field and quickly turned the game around. In a fast attacking transition, Gabi Portillo and Jennifer sprinted down the right and donned the 18 shirt hard. Barbara saved the ball, but hit the rebound in the small area and Tamiris seemed free to shove the ball into the net. 2 to 1 turned into a hangover!

In the additions, Kemelli provided an important defense to secure a victory for Corinthians in the first stage. At the intersection in the area, Larry jumped high and got a header, but the archer jumped high and avoided the finish line.


With the advantage built in the first half, Corinthians returned unchanged for the second stage. Timão did indeed score the victory on the scoreboard, but started the latter half of the match controlling actions and pressing for goal.

Ten minutes later, Timao exchanged good passes around the opponent’s area and invaded with Jennifer who tried to cross, but the defense partly moved away. Gabi Zanotti, who kicked from outside the area and was in danger, advanced, but saw the ball come out to Barbara’s left.

Insisting on the search for a third goal, Arthur Elias made two changes to Corinthians. And the coach put Adriana back from injury, and Diani replaced Jennifer and Andresenha. Shortly after the substitutions, Timão was in danger again with Tamires on the left, who sent in a low cross to introduce Vic Albuquerque. The Corinthian woman tried hard and Barbara fell to defend.

In the next step, the 37th jersey was built in the middle and subjected from outside the area to Barbara’s defence. Corinthians continued to press and took the risk with a fine move on the right: Gabi Portillo received the pass, dropped the mark and left the ball in the area for Fick Albuquerque to hit the corner and watch the opposing goalkeeper make a fresh block.

With just over 30 minutes to go, the goal coached by Vic Albuquerque finally came. The Avi/Kinderman defense poorly supported the ball for Barbara and Adriana ended up holding it. The Corinthians fan calmed down to take the goalkeeper out of the match and play for the 17th shirt to hit the corner with no chance of recovery or defense. 3-1 and victory is in full swing in Florianopolis!

Soon after scoring the goal, the striker gave way to Ingryd. Soon after the change, the Corinthians saw that their situation had become delicate: Polyana had committed a punishment to Carol. However, on the free kick, Timão outdone it: Kemelli jumped right after Gaby’s win and slapped the ball across the finish line.

In the last minutes, Arthur Elias made two more changes: Gabi Portillo and Poliana left the match in favor of Cacao and Guy Campiolo. Shortly after entering the field, the defender let go of his goal of the match: in a corner kick, she went higher than the defense and headed into the corner to put Timão’s fourth goal in the mark.

In the last minute, El Fengra still had a big chance for the fifth goal: Tamiris built the play on the left, shot from outside the area and the ball exploded on the crossbar. The rest was still Timão and Cacau managed to dominate the high hits, but Barbara blocked it.

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