July 14, 2024

Corinthians play well and win again in the Arena on a wonderful afternoon for Edson and Renato Augusto

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Corinthians play well and win again in the Arena on a wonderful afternoon for Edson and Renato Augusto
Corinthians play well and win again in the Arena on a wonderful afternoon for Edson and Renato Augusto

Corinthians had a great afternoon this Sunday and won again by playing at the New Coimica Arena. In a good game against Ceará, Timão left Itaquera with a 3-1 victory – goals scored by Adson, twice, and Renato Augusto.

The first stage was already very positive for the Alvenegra team, which achieved a strong score of 2-0 with two goals from Edson, who lived a great era. In the second half, what was already good was even better with the debut and the goal of Renato Augusto, which confirmed the victory in Alfinegro.

Alvinegra Agenda: Corinth is back in the field in a week. Next Sunday, the team will face Atlético Paranaense, at 4 pm, at the Arena da Baixada.

Lined up

Without embezzlement, Sylvinho chose to keep the same team from the last game. So, Corinthians went into the field with: Casio, Wagner, Joao Victor, Gil, Fabio Santos, Gabriel, Rooney, Giuliano, Gustavo Mosquito, Edson and Joe.


My Timon

Ciara, in turn, went to the field with Richard, Messias, Bruno Pacheco, Fernando Sobral, Mendoza, Luiz Ottavio, Jorginho, Marlon, Buech, Lima and Kleber.

90 minutes

First time

The match started well thought out and the teams were slow to create good chances. The first shot on target was from Ciara, with just over five minutes in, when Clipper made the first, but without any danger to Cassio’s goal. In the next move, Mendoza tried from a distance and the Corinthians goalkeeper made a save.

Timão attempted his first game in the corner after Edson and Fabio Santos exchanged passes on the left. Giuliano held off the charge well and nearly reached Jill, but the defense ruled out the danger.

Corinthians did well in possession of the ball in search of a good opportunity in attack and managed to manage it in about 18 minutes. Freely arriving in the area, Ronnie sat with Joe and watched Edson invade indiscriminately. The shirt 29 pushed the youngster who scored the first hit and opened the scoring in Itaqueira.

Sylvinho’s side had a big presence on the offensive field and returned to danger with 25 minutes. Mosquito received a good shot on the right, went to the back line and crossed, but Buiú took the danger away from a corner. The charge found Jill, but Richard defended it.

Sylvinho’s team was ready to extend the score and got it in the 30th minute. Wagner used Fabio Santos on the right and the full-back crossed as Edson hit the net for the second time, now with his header.

Ciara’s team had their first good chance with Lima, who came very close to goal. Sornosa received the pass on the right, got rid of the mark and found Lima inside the area, who shot first, but sent the ball out.

Young Edson came close to achieving his third goal in the last leg of the first stage. Wagner put in a good display on the right flank and got a superb pass from the striker who cleared goalkeeper Richard inside the area and hit it crosswise but outside. Alvengra’s team still pressed for another goal, but went into the locker room with a 2-0 goal.


After a good first half, Corinthians returned unchanged for the second stage. The visiting team tried to minimize the damage in the first minutes and Marlon finished hard from outside the area, but Cassio saved the ball.

Ciara had his first good chance in a corner kick. Lima put the ball in the area and Luiz Otávio headed in a powerful header, but Cássio made a fine save. The goalkeeper played in the small penalty area and Kleber still had a chance to serve, but she went against the ball and picked up the Timao 12 jersey.

With just over 15 minutes left, Sylvinho messed with Corinthians for the first time and made his first run for Renato Augusto, who replaced Rooney. The eighth shirt did not need much time to hit the net again: Giuliano received a good pass from Joe and called up Renato Augusto at the entrance to the area. He dominated and won the high position to score his first goal in his new term in Corinthians. The athlete was embraced by all his teammates, including Cassio, who crossed the field to meet him.


Corinthians pay tribute to Renato Augusto’s goal

Danilo Fernandes / My Timão

Ciara responded soon after and scored his first goal of the match. Naressi fought for the ball in the attacking area, stayed with her and shot Rick who hit the corner and swung the net. Shortly after the goal, Sylvinho moved again: Mateusz Vital, Marquinhos and Xavier took the place of Edson, Mosquito and Giuliano.

Ciara’s team was pressing and looking for the second goal, but Timao acted defensively. Thus, the opponents did not return to swing the net and Corinth won the victory.

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