June 23, 2024

Corinthians concedes an early goal and remains in a draw with Portuguesa in the opening Copa de Brazil

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Corinthians concedes an early goal and remains in a draw with Portuguesa in the opening Copa de Brazil

Corinthians made their Brazilian Cup debut on Wednesday night and were unable to get more than a draw. Against Portuguesa, from Rio de Janeiro, Timao scored one goal and tied 1-1.

Carioca’s team opened the scoring with less than two minutes of play and Corinthians missed chances throughout the first stage. But in the last minute, Corinthians sought to equalize with Joe. In the second half, neither team hit the net.

Now it’s Derby! Corinthians return to the field on Saturday, when they face Palmeiras in another classic of the season. The ball rolls at 7 p.m., at Arena Barueri, in Brazil’s favour.


The Corinthian coach chose a mixed team tonight to spare the athletes an eye on the team’s sequence. Thus, Timão went to the field with Evan. Wagner, Gill, Robert Renan, and Bruno Millo; Xavier, Rooney and Giuliano; Adson, Mosquito, and Jô.

Corinthians have been selected to face the Portuguese, from Rio de Janeiro

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With less than two minutes the score has already been unlocked. On the back of the ball from Corinthians to the defense, Xavier was disarmed near the area and Cafu kept the ball. He won the mark and hit the corner, with no chance to defend Evan.

Corinthians first tried their hand at the goal shortly after the goal, but Mosquito’s play inside the area ended up leaving the back line without danger. Soon, in a corner kick badly defeated by Timao, Robert was left with the remainder, winning the mark and a low cross, but the Corinthians didn’t get to surrender.

With nearly ten minutes to go, Mosquito attempted another step on the baseline and was dropped inside the area. The ball went off the baseline and the white-and-white athletes asked for a penalty, but the referee scored only a goal kick.

Rio’s team tried to score again when Wagner lost the ball and the Corinthians defense had to make a mistake to stop play. The penalty kick was raised in the area and Jill cleared the danger with his head.

Corinthians’ new chance came in Edson’s shot after Rooney’s pass, but the backline blocked the shot. The rest was white, but the resumption of the movement ended up lacking Cariocas. Soon, Mosquito demanded a good save from George with a low shot from the left.

After 20 minutes, Corinthians lost their best chance of the match so far. Edson got a pass by Giuliano on the right, the Corinthians player went to the baseline and a cross to Mosquito, who finished the first shot, but sent the ball out.

After the arrival of Corinth, Portuguesa responded with danger. Kieron got the ball on the edge of the area, dribbled the observers and passed the ball to Claudinho, who finished the match high, but over the goal.

The following minutes were marked by a lot of losses and victories for both teams, without creating new opportunities for real danger. The Corinthians had a hard time creating the attack and making mistakes with passes.

In the last minutes, Bruno Melo received a pass at the entrance to the area and managed to push Giuliano away from the defenses, but the end in the middle came chewed up and George saved it.

Soon, Corinthians managed to equalize before the end of the first half. Mosquito received a pass on the right, crossed the area and allowed Rooney and Giuliano to pass the ball. Joe managed to dominate and play into the corner of the net before the defenses arrived to leave everything as it is.


Corinthians returned with three changes in the second half: Mantuan, Giovanni and Rafael Ramos replaced Edson, Joe and Wagner. Portuguesa returned in turn absent: the Rio de Janeiro coach made several complaints on his way to the dressing room and ended up being sent off.

Corinthians’ first good chance in the last 45 minutes was given by Giovanni. He received a touch kick, scored with Giuliano and shot from the edge of the area, but the ball passed into the post and went out of the goal kick.

With about 15 minutes to go, Portuguesa stole the ball on the attacking field and built the movement on the left. Jonathan took the pass at the entrance to the precinct, removed the marks and hit loud, but outside. Soon, the Corinthians gave the answer in a counterattack with the Mantuan, but the finishing touches into the corner were ruled out.

Before the attack, Vitor Pereira changed the team and put de Queiroz in the place of Giuliano. In the corner, she was left with Rooney and tried to get the ball back in the area, but the goalkeeper kept it. In the next step, Giovanni tried to score again, now with a long shot, but the ball passed over the goal.

Portuguesa returned to the attack with Patrick who beat Robert on the edge of the area and surrendered, but was saved by Bruno Melo who avoided danger in a corner kick.

In the 27th minute, Ivan had to save superbly and block the opponent’s second goal after a corner kick in the small area. The rest was going to Bernau, but the play was stopped by offside.

Soon, the Corinthians coach changed the team for the last time and The debut was promoted by Wesley, who replaced the mosquito. On his first chance, the young striker managed a superb header to tackle George, but the ball hit the crossbar and crossed the finish line. This move left the archer injured and he was eventually replaced.

Soon, Giovanni quickly received a pass on the right and crossed into Mantuan, but the low shot was left without danger on the opponent’s goal. And near the 45th minute, the match was paralyzed by the flags of Corinthians fans. In added time, neither team was able to score new goals and the match ended in a draw.

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