July 22, 2024

Covid-19: The new ball is called the Micron – Sencia Viva – Francisco Soares Filho

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It’s been a few days since I wrote about the COVID-19 pandemic. But the emergence of a new variant this week encouraged me to read more on the topic and write for Ciência Viva readers. I even talked about the emergence of new variants. reconsidering Here NS Here. I think by doing this I am helping people to be on the safe side and calm down with the information we have so far.

A new type of SARS-CoV2 virus has been identified in South Africa. At first it was called B.1.1.529 (the codes used by researchers for new virus variants). Upon realizing that this variant quickly spread to five neighboring countries, the variant was named Ômicron, the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, which corresponds to the “O” in our alphabet, by the World Health Organization (WHO). This variant had the specificity of combining 50 mutations, 32 in proteins”escalate‘, this structure that interacts with the surface of our cells and allows the contamination process.

There is no evidence that this new variant is more dangerous than its predecessors, but there is concern that it somehow evades our immune system and is therefore more adept at the contamination process. In addition to the six African countries (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland – formerly Swaziland) where the variant is already being traded with some self-confidence, it has already reached Europe, in countries such as Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Israel and other continents such as Asia (Hong Kong) and Oceania (Australia). This caused some countries to start moving to prevent the arrival of flights from South Africa, especially from South Africa, which is the most prominent country in the region, with flights to many countries, such as Brazil, which will suspend flights as of tomorrow (11/29). ), which doesn’t help much, because if someone got infected there last week and actually came here, it’s possible that the virus is already spreading here. Below I mention some of the measures and precautions we must take against this new variant of SARS-CoV2:

1) Urgently arrange for your vaccine to be updated. If you miss your first dose, go for it. If you don’t take the second appointment, don’t miss the appointment. If you need a booster dose (3rd dose) feel free to search for vaccination posts.

2) Wear masks, especially indoors. If you can, use it in open environments as well. The virus does not choose places to spread.

3) Wash your hands thoroughly and reinforce the use of alcohol gel. Alcohol dissolves the envelope of the virus, whether it is of the ummicron type or any other type.

4) If possible, maintain social distance and isolation.

Girl’s face! You might be thinking: What’s the difference? Actually nothing. The methods of preventing disease are the same regardless of the variant that causes it. We cannot overlook the concerns and measures taken earlier. The epidemic is not over yet. The disease subsided due to the progression of vaccination. Let’s keep investing in care because prevention is always better than cure.

Good week to all of you.

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