June 18, 2024

The discussion in the nursing room can begin this week in the room

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The Speaker of the House, Arthur Lyra (PP-AL), has stated that he will refer Bill 2564/2020 to the College of Leaders, creating a national floor for nursing professionals, and the debate begins in the House of Laws Still this week, as stated by the Federal Council of Nursing ( Coffin). The article, written by Senator Espirito Santo Fabiano Contarato (Reddy), was approved by the Senate on Wednesday (24).

The initial offer from Contarato provided a monthly salary of R$7.3 thousand for nurses, R$5,100 for nursing technicians, and R$3.6 thousand for nursing assistants and midwives. The value set by the project was, in the case of nurses, a 30-hour week. In the case of longer working hours, the national minimum salary is proportional.

For the project to go to the Senate floor, concessions had to be made. The floor value for nurses was R$4.75,000 for a workload of 40 or 44 hours, depending on the work contract. Therefore, those who work 30 hours will receive less value from the floor. The remuneration of the technicians amounted to 3.29 thousand Brazilian reais, which is 70% of the expected amount for the nurses. As for the salaries of assistants and midwives, 50% of what will be paid to the nurses, totaling 2,35 thousand Brazilian reais.

Despite this, the class in Espírito Santo celebrated the approval of the article, which are spelled out so that they are also approved in the room. In all, the bill was processed for 18 months. The head of Espirito Santo’s Regional Nursing Council (Corin/ES), Andressa Barcellos, has told workers that workers will meet this week to outline mobilization strategies, but he already said one initiative would be to contact Espirito Santo seat deputies to demand a vote in favor of the project.

“We don’t want to find anyone on the fence or against the project, we’re going to stick with it,” he says. Actions will be discussed by a range of entities, including Corinne, the Federation of Public Health Employees of the State of Espirito Santo (Sindienurses), the Federation of Nurses in Espirito Santo (Sindienurses) and the Federation of Federal Public Employees of the state. Espiritu Santo (Sindsep/ES).

“Professionals are exhausted. Nursing is the largest category in the health field, the one that has direct contact with the patient. You must appreciate those whose hands get dirty,” highlights Andressa.

Espírito Santo’s seat in the House of Representatives consists of Amaro Neto (Republicans), Ever de Mello (PP), Loretti (PSC), Norma Job (Dim), Felipe Rigoni (formerly PSB), Soraya Manato (PSL), Ted Conte (PSB) Luda Vitoria (citizenship), Helder Salumao (PT) and Nosimar Fraga (PSD).

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