April 13, 2024
Create stickers without downloading apps!

Create stickers without downloading apps!

As technology advances, new features become available for use, such as creating stickers. WhatsApp, for example, is currently one of the most used applications by people around the world.

The application is constantly undergoing transformations and offers its users new experiences, such as in the recent update that makes it possible to create stickers on the iPhone without having to add a specific application for that. See more details below about this new feature.

WhatsApp creates a feature that will make life easier for thousands of users

In addition to the functions we already know, WhatsApp promises, this year, to bring many new features to its interface.

Fun features on Messenger

First, let’s understand how it all began. The app was created in 2009 by two former employees of Yahoo’s web portal. The main reason for this development was that they both believed that texting, like SMS, was no longer a good form of quick communication.

At the time of creation, the application was more primitive than what we know today. If we compare it with the SMS method, the big difference, to begin with, was the ability to include a photo in the user profile. This way, it was easier to determine who was talking to you.

Over time, the application has acquired new features.

Just like any application, WhatsApp has gained countless new features. First came the messages and soon after, the possibility to make calls and send pictures and files.

Each new feature was created with the goal of keeping the app ahead of the technology market. The last one was the use of avatars, but there was also the creation of stickers.

How to make WhatsApp stickers on iPhone?

For people who use smartphones, the process is simpler, as there is the ability to use photos and the pictures straight from your camera roll. See below how to do this.

First, you will open the photo or photo, from the gallery, that you want to turn into a poster. Later, you’ll hit copy and then paste the image into the app’s conversation. Once done, the app will save the sticker automatically.