June 24, 2024

WhatsApp is launching an Android-exclusive feature: pinned messages

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WhatsApp is launching an Android-exclusive feature: pinned messages

There is another update coming to make life easier for all users of the Meta messenger, WhatsApp. Now, according to the latest announcements, it will be possible to leave a Sticky message at the top of the screen, in a conversation, whether in private conversations or in groups.

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Fixed message update

Recently, the platform announced a new availability emoji For the platform, and as if that weren’t enough, a piece of news about possible self-destructing acoustics has also been the subject of speculation.

However, another novelty is now being announced to the public, which refers to the possibility of leaving certain messages marked. In other words, constant.

The benefit that this feature can bring to users is that essential information is not lost when new messages are sent.

Well, the current trend is this: the more messages are sent, the more remote and difficult it is to find certain topics.

See below, a print taken from a screen using the new feature via WABetaInfo:

Photo: WABetaInfo/Reproduction

How will the tool work?

From what we can see, the process will follow the following dynamics: When you select a message that you would like to pin to the conversation, the option “pin(in Portuguese it means “repair”).

Then, by clicking on this alternative, you can see your message pinned to the top. Messages, documents, photos, and even links can be pinned.

Once you have fixed the message and wish to return to the respective content, simply click on the specific message and you will be redirected to the site. Same goes for links!

Now, when it comes to pinning messages in groups, this function will be available only to group admins, otherwise the function cannot be enabled.

In private conversations, there is a certain possibility that both users will be allowed to pin a message.

This is a feature that took some time to add to the app, but once it is available, it will surely be very useful to many WhatsApp users. Yes, it will be an easy and quick way to leave the most essential and important topics in the spotlight.

When will it be made available?

As usual, the feature will be gradually rolled out to all Android users. For those using iOS, no information has been released yet on whether this feature is making its way to the device. Even for Android, there is still no exact date for availability. So, keep your app updated so you don’t get left out.

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