February 28, 2024

Crossing over: Brisa and Chiara have a candid conversation | Come to me about – come

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in transit, breeze (Lucy Alves) that it Kiara (Jade Bacon) focus on their personal problems which, not coincidentally, are caused by the same person: Show (Swedish chai). The first just wants to regain custody of her son, while the second is looking for a way to get back the shares in the company the architect stole from her.

Prisa and Chiara face each other in Travessia – Image: Globo

Therefore, when they run into each other again, the climate between the two will be one of truce, just like the last occasions they were together. Breeze goes to the construction company to look for him war (Humberto Martins) who helps her in the process, and there they will come face to face.

Kiara asks, “How’s Tonho?”

“You are there with them: without understanding what happened,” the woman from Maranhão replies.

“Does he ask about me?”

Travisia: Was Moretti responsible for Guerra’s car explosion?

“Ask,” says the boy’s mother. “Everyone suddenly disappeared from his life: you, Oto …”

“This Oto too? You’re no longer with him?” Patrice asks.

“We broke up (…) In my case it wasn’t better, no, because we loved each other so much. It’s completely different from your relationship with Ari. I don’t know if you were sad, but it was a salvation, “says Prisa.

“Sad? Me? Do you see any sadness here?”