February 27, 2024

Cruzeiro: It is justice that determines the return of Henrique, the site says. look carefully

Henrique from Cruzeiro has not played since the end of 2020 (Photo: Reproduction / Cruzeiro)

The Belo Horizonte (MG) labor court decided that Cruzeiro should reinstate midfielder Henrique to a sports position. The club must pay salaries and provide health insurance within five days. The authority imposed a fine of R$10,000 per day on the club in case of non-compliance with this measure. Information from ge.com.

The player’s work, over R$10 million, which he did last year, was rejected

The decision stipulated that the club bear the amounts signed in the last contract with the player, such as the basic salary, image rights, and additions related to focus periods, travel, and the new season, in addition to participation in matches.

– There is unequivocal legal support for recognizing the responsibility of the second defendant to respond to any outstanding work debts in favor of the plaintiff, even because he bears a condition behind the work, as it is recognized – the text says.

Henrique has not played since 2020 when he suffered a knee injury in August. Since then, he has not been able to recover. For justice, an injury constituted as an occupational disease as a result of an accident at work:

– In view of the continuing disability in 2022, I conclude that the annual stabilization period provided for in social security legislation is still in effect, which I have set, in light of the expert’s conclusion, to start on 01/01/2023, when it became possible to return to the activities of my players Professional football, as a visa.

So far, Cruzeiro hasn’t quite set himself up.