March 1, 2024

Cuba protest ends with clashes and arrests

Cuban City CaimaneraThe east of the island witnessed protests that ended in a confrontation with the regime’s elements, on Saturday evening (6).

Videos posted by human rights groups and opponents of the regime appear Security forces agents The state attacks and arrests demonstrators who chanted slogans calling for freedom.

Then go Amnesty International Share reports on social networks and mention that “violent force” for the Cuban leader Miguel Diaz-Canel They do the only thing they know how to do: suppress people and violate human rights..

We ask the authorities to respect and guarantee the right to protest.”he added.

At least according to activist and journalist Yeri Curbelo Five people were arrested. He stated that the demonstrators were confronted by agents from black beretsAnd Elite Special Forces of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, and by red beretsAnd of the Army Defensive Forces.

a US Embassy in Havana He also criticized Cuba’s handling of the protest.

Last night, Cuban security forces violently responded to peaceful protests in the city of Caimanera, beating citizens for demanding human rights.According to what the embassy posted on Twitter.

here they are The first known protests against this year’s system.