March 26, 2023

“Damn, I didn’t expect Dorival to return to Flamengo…”; American Champion trainer delivers clause back to CRF


The coach had a very good last stint winning two titles: Libertadores and Copa do Brasil

© (Photo: Wagner Meier/Getty Images)– Dorival Jr

Dorval junior He did a good job at FlamingoHe was quoted as the Brazilian national team, but to the surprise of many, he did not continue at CRF. The Flemish leadership decided that it would not be worth renewing with the champion coach of America and the Copa do Brazil, and therefore concluded the conclusion with Vitor Pereira.

The Portuguese captain did only “good” work at Corinthians, but Marcus Praz, vice president of Flemish football, realized that he would be ideal for coaching the Flemish team. So far, Gringo has found it very difficult to find an ideal formation aimed at improving the team.

The team was runner-up in the Brazilian Cup and failed in the Club World Cup. In Recopa, he was falling behind to Independiente del Valle and needs to reverse the result inside the Maracanã, next week. On Friday the 24th, journalist Pablo Rafael brought news about Dorival that was relevant behind the scenes.

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF – Dorival Jr

The coach hasn’t swallowed the level Flamengo has left, and for those who are still considering his return in the near future, he has decided that he will only return to Mingau when Landem and Marcos Praz stop managing the club. Dorival feels cheated and did not expect to leave Flamengo in such a bad way.

Is Dorival better than VP?

Is Dorival better than VP?

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“”Someone associated with Dorival told me about the possibility of returning to Flamengo. However, Dorival’s biggest problem is with the current board of directors, not the club. He no longer takes charge of the team with the current management (Landem, Braz and Siya)“, said the journalist.