June 25, 2024

Danny Calabresa fired by Globo after seven years and negotiating job vacancy at BBB 23 TV News

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Danny Calabresa fired by Globo after seven years and negotiating job vacancy at BBB 23 TV News

Danny Calabresa’s fixed contract with Globo was not renewed and he was released by the broadcaster after seven years. However, the comedian has made it clear that she wants to return to Big Brother Brazil with CAT BBB plate, which I ordered In the 22nd version instead of Rafael Portugal.

a the news Found that Calabresa’s fixed contract expired in December 2021. Participation in the BBB 22 humor board was a project through work. The comedian negotiates with the broadcaster about submitting CAT BBB 23.

“I work on contract. It’s great, because I love working at Globo, but we have so many other opportunities. I want to go back to BBB 23. I loved doing the program,” the actress stated, during the launch of the movie Hey Speaker, starring she and Fabio Borchat.

According to the comedian, the decision was made by mutual agreement. “This model contract [por obra] It allows different partnerships, allows the artist to diversify. I think it’s talk. Maybe a year from now I’ll be crying under the bridge,” she joked in an interview with columnist Lucas Bassin, of the University of Owl.

Danny has had a steady contract with Globo since 2015. The former MTV actress has been a part of shows like Zorra (2015-2020), Caldeirão do Huck (2000-2021), Escolinha do Professor Raimundo (2015-2020), and Tá no Ar: TV On TV (2014-2019).

On the pay channels of Grupo Globo, the artist ordered her own show on GNT, Dani-se, which was canceled after two seasons. The blonde said: “It was a humorous program created for a channel that is not funny. I was really happy that two seasons continued, it was a success, but the audience was not and I did not expect it to continue.”

Danny was also in the spotlight when she decided to report Marcius Melhem for sexual harassment. claim contract a legal battle And resulted in the departure of the former head of the station’s humor department.

The report contacted Globo, which has not yet commented on the expiration of Dani Calabresa’s fixed contract.

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