June 18, 2024

survived! Previous BBB Viih Tube pees in his pants in a Dubai mall: ‘peeing’

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survived!  Previous BBB Viih Tube pees in his pants in a Dubai mall: 'peeing'

Viih Tube can’t stand back and pees in his pants while outing with his family in a stylish place in Dubai

Previous BBB HIV tube He faced an embarrassing situation during his trip to Dubai on Wednesday (27).

Shopping at the mall and having fun with her family, she ended up laughing out loud and couldn’t contain her bladder. After laughing so hard, she peed her pants.

On social media, the person who filmed the fun moment was the influencer’s mother, Vivian tube.

“The guy is laughing so hard he’s peeing. Hurry up, go to the bathroom. Pee with Gucci in your hand, mercy. That doesn’t match.”The mother laughed.

Shortly thereafter, HIV tube I tried to explain: “Guys, when I have these fits of laughter, I really pee, okay? I pulled my aunt and she was really pissed. I swear, guys, we can’t laugh so much, no”.


On vacation, ex BBB HIV tube Back to social media this Tuesday (26) hot click. She just wore a thong bikini to flaunt her fancy breakfast.

While staying at a luxury hotel in the Maldives, she showed off the floating table set. With a broken body, she entertained fans with a funny comment.

“After eating this floating breakfast, the belly was not like this”, She picked up, showing her usual good mood.

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