April 13, 2024
Deborah Syko Gives Powerful Report On Her Sister’s Death: ‘Dilacerating’

Deborah Syko Gives Powerful Report On Her Sister’s Death: ‘Dilacerating’

Actress Deborah Sekko has reported her anguish over her sister’s death, and what she says is heartbreaking for anyone

Globo fame, Deborah Secco, who is now 43, has been outspoken about a very sensitive topic: the death of his sister. The actress even gave a devastating account of how this loss damaged her life.

In an interview with GB Magazine, Deborah Syko spoke candidly about The death of her older sister, and her name was Anna Luisa, who died in infancy. 🇧🇷[A irmã da famosa] He was born with various health problems and died at the age of five after living in a coma for a long time. I’ve spent my life trying to fill that hole by being the perfect daughter who wouldn’t make my parents suffer. Gradually, it was tearing me apart,” he said.

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On this occasion, Deborah Seko revealed that she had spent years taking drugs to lose weight, and today she sees the negative side of all this: “I took a drug to lose weight from 15 to a year after the birth of my daughter (Maria Flor is 7 years old). I The product of a sick society. I don’t feel cured, but I control myself to live in harmony with my body,” he famously said.

He asserted, “Today I am the best version of Deborah, at peace with my own right, without making an effort to please or be perfect for anyone.” Deborah Sekko also explained that for many years she lived in toxic relationships. However, the celebrities are currently married Hugo Mora, and admitted that nowadays he could see life in a different way. “My husband made me understand that I can find a man next to me who will love my imperfections, embrace my faults and respect my imperfections,” said the famous Globo TV star.

Actress Deborah Seko talks about her suffering over the death of her sister, and what she says breaks anyone’s heart – Photo Reproduction

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