March 4, 2024
Del Valle players don't shut up and 'put on the table' as Rogerio Ceni misses in South American final

Del Valle players don’t shut up and ‘put on the table’ as Rogerio Ceni misses in South American final

Sao Paulo

Tricolor was defeated in the Sola final and del Valle players took a point for pointing out the team’s errors in decision making.

Copa América 2022, Del Valle Independent X Sao Paulo
© 793Copa América 2022, Del Valle Independent X Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Lost To Independiente del Valle 2-0 on Saturday (1). As a result, Tricolor Paulista also lost the Copa Sudamericana, after a performance that almost frightened the opposing team’s Rogerio Ceni and this became a comment after the match between the players of the Ecuadorean team, who revealed where the Sovereign’s fatal mistakes were. Thus giving them the nickname.

to me defender Segovia, Tricolor felt the blow after the first goal of their team, and after the second goal, the team got worse and they felt the “hit”: “What hit them was the first goal. The second destroyed them. Then came anxiety, a lot of nervousness, that’s why players were sent off. They played a role Well, they deserved to be in the final, but we didn’t rest and we managed to win.”

Midfielder Gaibor also followed the same line as his teammate, in addition to saying that Ceni’s team lacks creativity: “The Sao Paulo match didn’t flow. We worked together for a long time. This makes our team play “from memory”. We prepared very well for this match. And in the few chances we had, we were strong and that was the key to winning.”

Finally, the midfielder who entered during the complementary phase stated that it was teamwork that made the difference: “”The secret is group solidarity. We have a good process, those who play, those who do not play, we always try to be with each other, and I think that is the key.” – Without the title, Sao Paulo seeks to prepare once and for all in Brazil, the team will return to the field on Thursday ( 6), against America, in Independencia, in Belo Horizonte.