February 2, 2023

Dell announces a 500Hz gaming screen at CES 2023 | dog

the Dale On Tuesday (3), it announced its new high-performance screen that will be launched during CES 2023, exhibition electronics Which has head-to-head coverage of TechAll Straight from Las Vegas. The new monitor from the Alienware family (the company’s line of high-performance products) stands out with its difference Refresh rate up to 500Hz, making the AW2524H the world’s fastest monitor.

24.5-inch HD model High accuracy It also contains a quick tech board IPS, which promises to offer better viewing angles and image quality than panels with WVA technology, for example. The highest refresh rate is offered on the connection DisplayPort. through the outlet HDMI portthe native refresh rate is 240 Hz.

Dell’s AW2524H promises to be the monitor with the highest refresh rate on the market, with 500Hz – Image: Disclosure/Dell

Originally on a DisplayPort connection, Dell introduces its new gaming monitor frame rate 480Hz, which is already much higher than most high-performance models on the market, which usually offer something closer to 240Hz, at most. The model, which also supports headphones and has a hexagonal base structure, was developed with feedback from players and professional athletes from Electronic sports From organizations like liquid team.

As you would expect from a high-performance model, screen latency is very low, at just 0.5ms. There’s even native compatibility with Reflex Analyzer nvidia, which is another feature intended to reduce latency. The equipment panel also promises to cover 99% of the sRGB spectrum, ensuring greater color accuracy.

Alienware’s AW2524H still has no official pricing announced, and Dell has yet to say when and if the product will be available in the Brazilian market. In the US market, the screen is supposed to arrive in the first quarter of the year. Dell also revealed new G15 and G16 laptops, and launched the Alienware line, such as the m16, m18, x14, and x16 laptops, all still without a release date here.

Alienware AW2524H datasheet

Alienware AW2524H

Specify Alienware AW2524H
release January 2023
plate type IPS is fast
Precision 1920 x 1080 pixels
Refresh rate up to 500 Hz
Face 16:9
response time 0.5 ms
Connection 2x HDMI 2.1, 1x DisplayPort 1.4, 5x SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.2 Gen 1, 1x headphone jack, 1x audio combo
Weight 4.4 kg