June 18, 2024

Dennis Carvalho has been released from the hospital after a serious condition

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Dennis Carvalho has been released from the hospital after a serious condition

Dennis Carvalho was discharged after being hospitalized for more than a month in a hospital in Copacabana, in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro. According to O Globo’s columnist Patricia Cogut, the director is already recovering at home. The famous man was admitted to the health unit on December 26 at the age of 75, where he was diagnosed with septicemia, a general condition caused by the body’s response to an out-of-control infection.

Dennis Carvalho It came in serious condition, as stated by the actress Deborah Evelynto whom the director has been married for over 24 years and Always update the famous clinical picture. In the director’s latest health status update for O Globo, the artist reported that her ex-husband is getting better every day.

The technical director left Globo in 2022, after 47 years’ service at the broadcaster. After leaving the channel, he even managed to direct the program Clube da Esquina – Dreams Never Get Old.

Dennis said in an interview with O Globo newspaper during the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19. At that time, the famous also revealed that he only lived with one lung, because the other part of the organ had been suffering from complications for 20 years.

Dennis Carvalho’s legacy on TV

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Dennis Carvalho has commissioned great works of drama such as Anything goes (1988), big success (2003) and side by side (2012). It was Globo’s last famous work second sunin 2018. As a director, he has directed or been co-anchor on 41 Globo programmes, including series, mini-series, series and specials.

As an actor, Denis also shone, playing characters in special appearances or set roles, such as Netinho, from Locomotivas (1977) and Inácio, from Brilhante (1981).

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