February 26, 2024

Mar do Sertão: Tertolinho sabotages Candoca and José’s wedding: “Nobody will come”


In the following sentiment at 6 pm on Globo, the villain will do everything to deflate his ex-wife’s marriage

Mar do Sertão: Tertulinho sabotages Candoca and José's wedding:
Mar do Sertão: Tertulinho sabotages Candoca and José’s wedding: “Nobody goes.” Photo: Gshow reproduction.

Tertulinho (Renato Góes) is the kind of ex-person who, although already involved in a new relationship, cannot forget the past and participate in promoting revenge at any cost. In addition to not coping with love that did not work out, the Plague Goat does everything to make the lover’s plans go wrong. This is what he will do with Candoda (Isadora Cruz) when he decides to sabotage the girl’s wedding..

In the following chapters of Mar do Sertão, at 6 pm on Globo, the villain will do everything to hinder his ex-wife’s marriage to José (Sergio Guizé). In order to carry out his plans, he decides to schedule a regatta on the same day as the wedding.. “Awesome! You can anticipate the event!”Sertolinho is going to tell Marcio Castro (Gabriel Godoy). “I want a big party like that, to impress the natives, like my mother doesn’t even say…”, announce

“till when?”the lawyer asks. On the same day as Kandoka and Jose’s wedding.And Tertolinho will respond to Marcio Castro’s surprisethe. Nobody’s going to that damn wedding.Ex Kandoka insists. Sertolinho, who has made a truce with José, is determined to make Candoca and his brother’s marriage plan fail.

Even Diodora’s son (Deborah Bloch) is determined to make Candoca and José’s wedding a true fiasco. Confident that no one would attend the ceremony, he insisted with the lawyer: “I trust that you will do everything in your power to ensure that no guests are present at this wedding!”The farmer pointed out.

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