March 3, 2024

Dia Lucia reveals the will and inheritance of Paolo Gustavo, details her relationship with Talles Pretas and weeps with a letter to the mothers; He watches

It’s impossible not to get excited! On Tuesday (9), Déa Lúcia participated in “Quem Pode, Pod”, moved by remembering the legacy of Paolo Gustavo. The mother revealed that the son left a will and hung up on the inheritance. Doña Dia also talked about her relationship with Talles Britas, PG’s widower, and living with her grandchildren. Finally, she voiced the difficulty of dealing with her son’s departure and made an appeal to moms.

While chatting with Fernanda Paes Leme and Giovanna Eubank, the comedian’s mother, admitted that she is still grieving a great loss. Paolo Gustavo passed away in May 2021 due to complications from COVID-19. In the statement, she said she relies on faith to move forward. “When people tell me I have the power, I answer that I don’t have the power. I have faith. Faith is what helps me stand and my work. My business is not only in Luciano [Huck]. But work at home, and the fact that I go to the market, for example, ” He said.

I am the manager of my family, I see my grandchildren. I suffer, I am here talking and laughing, but I suffer. The biggest loss for a mother is to lose her child. But who said I have to go first? I would like. If they ask me: “He or you?” I’m sure. Even because he had the joy of living. One day I heard a sentence like this: “You served as a ladder for Paolo Gustavo and now he serves as a ladder for you”, Ventilation.

According to Doña Dia, Juliana Amaral, the actor’s sister, is still having a hard time coping with the “new reality”. Juliana is done. Only Marquinhos can get her out of the house [Majella] and work. They were very close, she and Paolo Gustavo. So, Marquinhos remained to carry this wave of her own. Where does he call it go”, said the mother.

Will and inheritance

The mother also revealed that the son made a will at the age of 39. She currently lives in Rio de Janeiro, close to her grandchildren, in an apartment that she left to her and her ex-husband. When all this happened, I said: I’m leaving. I will live near my grandchildren. to jojo [Amaral] In Rio also works with audiovisuals. I live in an apartment that he left to me and his father in his will.”I remembered.

Doña Dia said it was Paolo Gustavo’s idea for the parents to sell the apartment and keep the money: “Have you ever seen a 39-year-old make a will? Amazing thing. He left this apartment to me and his father. Same apartment. We were supposed to sell and take the money.”.

After the release of “Filho da Mãe – Um Reencontro com Paulo Gustavo”, on Amazon Prime Video, she was able to buy out her ex-husband’s share. “We sold ‘Filho da Mãe’ to make the documentary, it’s beautiful, and then I was able to buy his share. The kids go home, they already think they have a room. It’s terrible to take”he added.

Relationship with Thales Britas

Dia Lucia also fostered her good relationship with her brother-in-law Talles Pretas, widower of Paolo Gustavo and father of Romeo and Gael. “My son-in-law is wonderful, we get along very well. I don’t mind his work, he doesn’t mind mine. When people ask me about Thales, I say: “I get along very well with Thales,” Revealing that a dermatologist is the one who takes care of his skin.

She also paid tribute to the doctor as a father: “The only day I will fight with Thales is when he does something against the children, then I will kick him, but he is a great father. What he posts on the Internet is real, the children love their father.”.

Message for mothers

In the interview, Dona Dia cried when she sent a message to mothers of people in the LGBTQIA+ community, reinforcing the importance of accepting children as they are. “I loved my children and protected them from everything, and yet, that’s life. People come and people go. So those mothers who are still with their children close: Love, protect your children. Don’t drive them away, please. Everyone doesn’t know the pain of Losing a child. It’s really sad, guys.”lamented.

“The only message I give to moms is this one. Hug your kids, accept them as they are. Nobody changes anyone, they can’t, that doesn’t exist. So accept your kids. He’s gay, he’s lesbian, he’s trans, I don’t know what — because there is Many things you’ve lost. Accept your children. Love your children, because the only thing that matters in life isn’t pretty clothes, pretty hair, pretty makeup. None of that. It’s love.”completed.

Dia Lucia also made the appeal to religious mothers, recalling the teachings of the Bible: “I said this on TV and I’ll repeat it here: Jesus left us two teachings. Love God above all things and love your neighbor as yourself. If you don’t love your neighbor, you don’t love God. It’s fake, it’s a lie. Don’t go into church, kneel down and ask for your child to be changed.” Love your child. For God’s sake.

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