March 30, 2023

Did you notice? Understand why ship hulls appear red

Although not everyone realizes that the hulls of ships are painted red, this happens quite often. However, she wasn’t painted that color on a whim, or because the color favored the large metallic monster. In fact, there are very practical reasons for this to happen.

And once you figure it out, you’ll realize it makes perfect sense. For this reason, we have given three reasons why ships are painted red. Are you also curious to know that? So keep reading!

Photo: Getty Images

1. Pure imitation

One of the first reasons why ships’ hulls were painted red goes back a long time. Thus, this practice has become an old tradition that is performed on many ships.

So that we might have an idea, painting in this color is so common that you won’t be able to find a ship with other colors in it, even though there is no law prohibiting such a color change.

2. Protection

Second: The main reason for choosing this color is that it protects the ship. In the early days of ships, there were no metal ships or boats, just wooden ones. Some animals ended up settling on the hull, especially barnacles.

Barnacles, for those who don’t know, are animals belonging to the crustaceans that usually settle on different animals and even on rocks.

But as new barnacles accumulated on the ship, they lost their potency, prompting many sailors to clean the hull during long voyages.

However, thanks to some research and scientific developments, a new biocide-based coating has been created, a formulation that prevents the spread of living organisms. So they started painting the boat’s hull red.

3. Depth display

If we look carefully, we will see that the ships have certain parameters, which consist of a numerical scale. Its task is to show the depth to which the ship can go.

Also, thanks to this information, one can find out what weight the ship can withstand. Therefore, by providing such information on the red painted part of the structure, it is much easier to visualize.