June 7, 2023

Director explains the role of Elias, a former Corinthian, in the administration of Cruzeiro

Photo: clone / Instagram

Elias and Ronaldo played together in Corinthians. Today, the former midfielder is working with Fenmino

Cruzeiro football director Pedro Martins explained, Thursday (19), during his podcast. Supersports interviewWhat is the role of former player Elias in managing the Sociedade Anima do Futebol (SAF).

The former partner of Ronaldo, who bought 90% of the shares of SAF, Elias has tenures in Corinthians, Flamengo, Atletico and Bahia. In Europe, he played for Atlético Madrid in Spain and Sporting in Portugal.

According to the site TargetThe statistician scored 681 goals and scored 104 goals. Elias’ last match as a Bahia professional was, in September 2020, when Tricolor were defeated 3-2 by Devenca y Justicia, for the Copa Sudamericana.

“Ilias is closer to the holding company (which takes care of Cruzeiro and Real Valladolid, than Spain). He makes the visit to both clubs, he is a man who looks more into the scouting area and specializes in it,” Pedro explained.

“He has a lot of football experience. When he comes, we talk a lot and we talk a lot about what he sees. He brings a lot of ideas. Today he is not an employee of Cruzeiro, but within that role he has in the holding company, he ended up doing this integration between the two countries”, Commander added.

In addition to Pedro, Cruzeiro’s professional football division includes coach Luiz Crewat, Newly promoted from the youth ranksand supervisor Pedro Costa, who left Atletico PR at the beginning of the year to settle with Raposa.

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