June 25, 2024

Do social networks charge for their services?

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Do social networks charge for their services?

On February 19, Sunday, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Meta will introduce a profile verification system very similar to Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue. With a very suggestive name, “Meta Verified” will be a signature system for Facebook and Instagram.

Generally, the tool will focus on making the user account official. This way, you’ll be guaranteed extras like a blue badge, protection from accounts pretending to be you, and direct access to social media support. Namely, the novelty will enter the test in the coming days. First, it will take place in Australia and New Zealand, and later it will reach other countries.

In this sense, in addition to focusing on the authenticity of profiles through identity, the verification system promises greater access to one’s posts on the platforms. In the following lines, learn more about Meta Verified and learn about its values!

See possible prices in Brazil. (Credit: jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec.pro.br).

Meta Verified: The new tool for Facebook and Instagram

First of all, it is important to know what the official Meta statement says. The text informs that since last year, the company has been considering ways to unlock verification access and account support through a paid tool. In addition, more features will be included to increase visibility and access to the contents.

Another feature the company said it would offer subscribers who adopt Meta Verified is a set of “exclusive features for expressing yourself in unique ways.” However, the brand did not provide an example of what these tools will be.

In this way, it will be necessary to shell out 11.99 USD (approximately 61 USD) per month in the web version and 14.99 USD (approximately 78 USD) in the Android and iOS version for Meta platforms. Additionally, it should be noted that this will be a single subscription that will work on both Facebook and Instagram.

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The system will monitor and requirements

It should also be noted that the company emphasized that the first phase is to focus on testing the account validation system and learning from the difficulties it encounters. Initially, profiles already verified in the previous requirements of the platforms will not change.

In the long run, though, Meta plans to standardize everything. According to the company, the desire “Create a subscription offering that will be of value to everyone, including creators, businesses, and society at large.”. In this case, it is impossible not to think of Twitter Blue, which is available in Brazil.

Also, it is important to note that there will be a series of requirements to allow a Meta Verified subscription. Some of these include, for example, being over the age of 18 and having a publication record acceptable to the Company. Users will need to provide a government-accepted ID that matches their social media profile picture and name.

Finally, the subscription will also provide proactive monitoring to prevent account impersonation and review reports of Mark Zuckerberg’s company policy violations.

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