February 28, 2024

Do you have a “Type A” personality? Check out these 10 pointers

Have you heard of a theory a personality “something like”? It was the first time it was used with the aim of looking for behaviors that might be associated with the risk of coronary artery disease.

But nowadays, many people use this theory to know themselves better, mainly because it is not as complicated as other existing theories.

If you want to know if you have this kind of personality, check out some of the pointers we describe below to use as a basis!

You are a workaholic

One of the behaviors of people with Type A personality is their workaholism.

They are always looking forward to achieving goals in their career, whether working more hours per week, getting a promotion, opening their own business and much more.

You are very productive

Another type A personality trait is productivity. You don’t like skipping activities or delaying your schedule for the day.

Therefore, you are always looking for ways to finish everything that has been suggested.

You love success and competitiveness

One of the biggest differences between Type A and Type B personalities is their focus on achieving their goals.

Type A personality types love to have it successThey achieve their accomplishments and are seen as people to work hard for.

Another Type A personality trait is being ambitious and, as a result, becoming the most competitive in your environment, always looking to break new records.

You are not a patient person.

Type A people are usually not very patient.

They don’t like facing queues, waiting for colleagues, or waiting for a transfer. They always want to get back to work as soon as possible!

You can do many tasks at the same time

Efficient multitasking is another characteristic of Type A people.

You are always tense

People with this personality are always stressed and tense, not only in the workplace, but in others as well.

This happens because you are always focused on a goal.

You are more aggressive than others

People with this personality are often seen as having a “short temper,” that is, more blunt and aggressive when speaking and responding to others.

Organization is your virtue

Type A people are the most organized people you will ever meet. This is because they need everything to be able to work and pursue their goals.

You charge yourself too much

Another feature of these types of people is that they always push themselves too hard, and this happens because they are afraid to stand still, precisely so as not to nullify their work and efforts.