February 21, 2024

The group pressures the Senate to discuss handing over the panties

A legislative idea proposes distributing panties to “trans women,” through the Unified Health System, SUS. The initiative already has 17,300 signatures on the Senate website. If it reaches 20,000, it will be debated by the Members of Parliament in the House of Representatives. In a short time, the text has garnered many bases, mainly due to the involvement of left-wing digital influencers and “progressive” politicians, such as federal MP Camila Jara (PT-MS), who shared the link to the idea.

“On a daily basis, transgender women use tape and glue to disguise their genitals,” the proposal reads. Therefore, they stopped going to the bathroom and hydrating themselves, which caused many kidney problems. To solve this public health problem, we propose the free distribution of panties specially developed for them.

This topic came to the fore due to the celebration of International Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Transgender Day on June 28th. On Twitter, the profiles shared photos of what would be the special underwear, which cost between R$25 and R$150.

There is talk of a clothing company called Trucss.

The theme of trans panties is a revival story of trans men’s tampons

On social networks, netizens linked the status to Inclusion of “transgender men” (biologically-born women) in the municipal sanitary napkin distribution program in the city of São Paulo.

The decision of the case, Judge Mateus Fontes, said in a decision in favor of Psol, which requested the initiative to reflect on this public.

What is the legislative idea

Legislative ideas are suggestions that society puts forward to Parliament. If they reach a certain number of signatures, it will be debated by members of Congress. It may or may not become an invoice.