March 30, 2023

Do you want cash back when you refuel? non-stop meeting

Did you think about fuel your car It includes part of this return value On credit? This is the novelty of Sem Parar, the Fleetcor Group’s automatic payment method that offers Cashback For those using the platform at one of the more than 900 approved gas stations.

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Customers who spend more than R$100 on fuel will receive 2% of the refund in the form of an invoice credit. The funds will be accumulated in the Sem Parar account and can be used as the user wants.

“This program is another initiative whose starting point has been some research with our customers. The combination of this new feature with our different sourcing experience and network expansion makes us believe we will triple our supply through Sem Parar,” says Gabriel Porto, Sem’s chief marketing officer. Para.

Porto says that in addition to helping the customer in a period of high fuel prices, the measure aims to promote the use of the automatic payment method.

“Cashback for refueling is just the start of a much broader program. Thus, the plan is that our customers will soon have this benefit also in other uses such as parking, car navigation, and in the purchase of new services to come,” he adds.

For more information about the new program, visit Non-stop website Or call us by phone 4002 1552 (capital and metropolitan areas) or 0800 015 0252 (other locations).