February 27, 2024
Doctor explains Joelma's new health condition after complications

Doctor explains Joelma’s new health condition after complications

Credit: Play / Instagram

The doctor explains Joelma’s new health condition after complications (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

joelma He is going through a difficult period. the singer, Who has been hospitalized since Tuesday (07), at the São Luiz Item Hospital, in São PauloDue to the swelling in her face, which according to her as a result of the sequelae of Covid-19, she has experienced new complications in her health condition. In an official note, The hospital revealed that Guelma suffers from gastritis, esophagitis and edema.

The This is people Look for Thomas Sego, a gastroenterologist at Israel Albert Einstein Hospital, who explained the artist’s new health condition. paying off!

According to the doctor, patients who have contracted Covid, such as Joelma, end up developing a specific stomach allergy: “They can develop an infectious allergy that can be treated with medications.”

“It is esophagitis that can be due to several factors. The most common is reflux esophagitis, when a person has reflux from the stomach into the esophagus, and stomach acid attacks the esophagus. It is most common and has nothing to do with Covid,” Szego said, stressing that Esophagitis is a more specific condition, and it may have other causes.

“Just as you don’t have this relationship with Covid, you need to know, before starting treatment, the cause of the esophagitis. If it’s reflux esophagitis, people use medications to reduce stomach acid secretion, like omeprazole or the like. These treatments control, in most patients, the Reflux esophagitis. However, although it is rare, there are other causes of reflux esophagitis, and for this it is necessary to establish the causes and adapt the treatment “, concludes the gastroenterologist.

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