October 7, 2022
Zezé Luciano Camargo (Foto: Reprodução) Zezé

Luciano Camargo after coming out, looks like he’s kissing the handsome

Recently (07), Luciano Camargo used the internet to advertise himself to his partner, heir Nathan Camargo.

Srtanejo’s artist revealed, through his official page on social networking sites, a picture in which the handsome man kisses his cheek. In the caption, he wished his son well, who married Isabella Camargo earlier this week, joining many celebrities, such as Leonardo, Poliana, Kaka, Carol Dias, Adriana Pompom and others.

Look what Luciano Camargo said. “The day has come!!!! God has already blessed you son, today is a celebration of the wonderful year you are living by your beloved Isabella…. I ask God to continue to take care of you, and to always be the center of your life… Jesus, thank you for all The blessings in my life,” said Luciano Camargo.

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The post got many likes and many comments from both fans and celebrities like Thierry, Marcela Brandao, Lais Jasmine and others. “Congratulations Nathan, I hope you continue to live this beautiful union! God bless you always,” said one fan. “His dad pulled all over. God bless your family, children, and nieces, anyway.

His profession is Luciano Camargo

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The artist took on his real career when he went into gospel music, and fulfilled his biggest dream in his solo career. It is worth noting that everything happened at the time of the Covid quarantine.

“I was already [Deus] From my mother’s womb,” he commented, in his religion. Thus, by revealing that he was a Christian and a member of an evangelical group, Luciano Camargo shocked everyone who saw his career with Zezé.