June 14, 2024

Doctors sell “vaccine reverse” services via WhatsApp

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Doctors sell “vaccine reverse” services via WhatsApp

Grupo Médicos pela Vida advocates early treatment for Covid-19, erroneously issues anti-vaccine certificates and telemedicine practice.

Confidence in doctors is what you expect when you are sick. But what about doctors when they go against the science, prescribe unapproved treatments, and are anti-vaccine? Some people who work in medicine and should be the “safe haven” for those seeking treatment are committing quackery via WhatsApp.

In this sense, the consultations conducted by messaging applications are erroneously called telemedicine.

In them, doctors prescribe early treatment for Covid-19, the use of vitamins and also a vaccine detox. In addition, a professional issues the patient a vaccination exemption certificate. Understand more below.

medicine x politics

Political and party opinion, every Brazilian can and should have one. However, when it comes to personal choices, they should not interfere with the ethical performance of the profession.

Marcos Falcão has a YouTube channel with more than 287 thousand subscribers, where he posts videos against the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and in favor of Jair Bolsonaro. His Instagram profile has 72,000 followers.

Marcus is part of the Physicians for Life group, which is known for advocating early treatment and questioning the effectiveness of vaccines against Covid-19. Falcão is consulted via text and voice messages. Finally, through links.

The cost of a so-called telemedicine consultation is R$470, according to the TAB Uol report, when consultations are requested through the doctor’s commercial contact. In the description of the services provided, there is already a sample: “Early treatment, post-covid treatment, covid treatment, check-up request”.

What does the Federal Board of Medicine say?

After consulting via WhastApp, the report searched for the doctor who didn’t want to talk, but claimed it was an “abuse of profession”.

For the CFM, telemedicine is a regulated practice, but it does not apply to conversations over WhatsApp. About the services provided by Falcão and others of the “Médicos pela Vida” group, CFM says the following:

“To maintain the exemption, they do not initially comment on specific cases. Any complaint against physicians should initially be directed to the CRM in the state where the episode occurred for further information.”

Anyone who contacts Dr. Falcao via WhatsApp can, in addition to the appointment, obtain a certificate of non-vaccination.

If the patient does not have any anti-vaccine conditions, the message via the app confirms that the doctor is ordering tests to determine which alterations exempt from applying the vaccine.

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