February 26, 2024

Skull with a jagged iron stake found in the United Kingdom

Teams of archaeologists from Uпited Kiпgdom have made a major discovery in the Vale of Glamorga county in Wales, UK. Researchers have found the skull of a Roman-era mercenary with an iron stake driven into its head.

The remains were found during road works. Marc Collard, the magical director for Rubico Heritage who is leading the project, told Ipsider that excavation of the site has resulted in the discovery of a large collection of artifacts and hundreds of burials dating back thousands of years.

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Collard said the man, believed to be a mercenary, was buried with his sword and military brooch dating back to the period when “the empire of Rome in Britain” collapsed. Near the site were other skeletons of dismembered men, buried from head to toe.

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Another theory points to a connection to a pagan belief system of pre-Roman Celtic tribes that considered the head to be the contributor to the soul, archaeologists told Live Science.

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The team performs detailed analysis of the remains, checking the bodies for family kinship, signs of illness or injury or clues about diet.

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“Archaeologists always say we didn’t expect to find so much, and in this case, we really didn’t, because previous research didn’t inspire much hope. But it does prove to be an incredibly crowded landscape of prehistoric Rome and, after that, a landscape Naturally, it had a lot of activity from 4,000 B.C. until World War II, Collard said.