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Domitilla crossed out the wall record holder with a score of 59.94%

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Domitilla crossed out the wall record holder with a score of 59.94%

Posted 4/18/2020 11:20 PM / Updated 4/18/2023 11:25 PM

    (Credit: Reproduction/Rede Globo)

(Credit: Reproduction/Rede Globo)

After surviving six walls, model Domitilla Barros ended up eliminating in the hot seat this Tuesday (18/4), a week before the Big Brother Brasil 2023 final. Miss Brazil’s most watched house left with 59.94% of wishes. The other vulnerable, Larissa and Amanda, have a new chance in the race for the millionaire prize.

In his dismissal speech, Fundo do Mar’s Tadeo Schmidt commented, “Either the naval reaction begins now or it is the victory of one group over the other.” From the desert four remain, while only one player remains from the fourth. deep sea

“The connection between deserts has become unshakable. How many of these results are the result of the individual and what is the result of the team?” Interrogate the presenter and follow the speech.

“There is only one thing that cannot be denied, voting, it is automatic, more people vote or more people participate to vote more often, whoever leaves does not take the prize, he will not be a BBB champion, but he can be whoever he wants (. . . .) You’re flour, you can be bread, you can be cake, but you’re flour, the bottom of the sea is gone, you’re Domitilla, Thado said when announcing the cancellation.

Amanda, Larissa, Aline, Bruna and Alfas are still at odds.

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