February 27, 2024

Don’t leave your Wi-Fi router near these 10 items starting today!

Are you having problems connecting to the internet and don’t know what else to do? There are many factors that can affect your home Wi-Fi network and cause it to become unstable. In addition to the contract with the Internet provider, the location in which the device is located is also a determining factor for the quality of the connection.

The location in which a Wi-Fi router is placed can have a significant impact on the quality of the signal provided to users. American telecommunications equipment company Hitron revealed some common mistakes people make that can cause poor internet signal. Many may not know, but placing the router in the kitchen is not the best option.

Where should the Wi-Fi router go?

First of all, the company that specializes in the manufacture of communications equipment recommends placing routers on a table or shelf off the floor and on a stable surface. Another important tip is to keep the device away from other devices that may interfere with the quality of the connection.

So these are really bad places for your router to be near:

  1. the television;
  2. microwave;
  3. bluetooth devices
  4. A far corner of the house
  5. Near baby monitors.
  6. near cordless phones
  7. inside or behind cabinets;
  8. near wireless devices
  9. Close to concrete, metal or glass building materials.

The location of the modem will also depend on the division of the room, which can make it difficult to determine the best location. Some people like to leave the device in the living room to enjoy the best connection, just as others like to leave it in the kitchen.

However, according to the instructions, the ideal option is to leave the appliance away from wireless devices and options also in the kitchen.

If your device is in a good environment and it still isn’t working properly, the latter problem may be on your Internet Service Provider.