June 28, 2022
Alinne Moraes, protagonista em Um Lugar ao Sol

Doubts Surrounding Globo’s New Series 9 AM – Prisma

On November 8, Globo promoted the premiere of “Um Lugar ao Sol,” a replacement for “Império,” Lícia Manzo’s first television series, at the disputed 9 p.m. This simple fact, the work of the first author on a path with such clarity, will already be the cause of much expectation and concern. After all, it is the most important theatrical space in the house, occupied only by a select group of screenwriters.

However, as another aspect, no less important, than the need caused by the epidemic, the target of many comments and even some concern, which is the fact that it was recorded completely live, without any chance of correction. closed package. This was due to the various pauses in their recordings during the health crisis, both inside and outside Globo Studios.

it will work? A TV series that you can’t move? The questions remain unanswered.

Um Lugar ao Sol, with a shorter duration compared to other productions of the time, stars Cauã Reymond as the protagonist, playing the twin brothers: Christofer, adopted by a wealthy family in Rio, whose name will be changed to Renato, and Christian who will remain with the humble father .

Without money, a man sends his son to a shelter, and he will have to face a state of social weakness from childhood. Years later, the brothers will meet again. However, Renato will not enjoy his life with his relative. The rich man will end up dead in tragedy, and Christian will decide to take over his brother’s life.

Dramatillon, with all improvements.

another subject

The release of “A Viagem de Pedro”, a production in which Kawa Raymond plays the first Dom Pedro, was in the Great Arena of 2022.

The film is written and directed by Laís Bodanzky (Seven-Headed Animal Like Our Fathers).


Luciano Camargo, Zize’s brother, will for the second year in a row have a special at the end of the year. The program is scheduled to be broadcast on December 30, that is, Thursday, at 10:45 pm.

Luciano develops a solo career in gospel music, but without leaving his long partnership with Zezé Di Camargo.


For the job market, there couldn’t be better news. Record, who has already been involved in the work of “Reis”, her new opera, will also in the next few days begin production of the series “Todas As Garotas em Mim”, starring a 17-year-old digital influencer.

It is another important space for actors, producers and technicians. The recordings are in São Paulo, and according to behind-the-scenes information, in partnership with production company Formata.

Silvio without a stage

The current season of the show “Silvio Santos Femme I”, shown at Teatro Santander, São Paulo, with Felson D’Souza, Bianca Rinaldi, Ivan Parenti, Daniela Currie, Rockilders Jr., Adriano Tunes, Vinicius Loyola, Gustavo Danielos, among others, continues. Until November 21.

The actors have invitations to travel to Brazil, but everything will still depend on sponsorship.


Tania Alves, actress and singer, has devoted herself a lot to Portuguese TV dramas in recent years.

However, now, in returning to the Brazilian production, one of the attractions will be the short series “Tudo de Bom”, produced by H2O Filmes and which director Ajax Camacho is preparing for broadcast.


Poliana Alexo recorded the second season of the series “El Presidente” on Amazon Prime Video, where she played the role of Victoria, the only child of the protagonist, former FIFA President Joao Havelange, played by Portuguese actor Albano Jeronimo.

By the way, the actress just closed a new movie with Netflix. But, for now, I’m keeping it a secret.

It takes courage

Cláudia Souto is the author of “Cara & Coragem,” a 7:00pm telenovela on Globo TV’s line that will talk about the exciting world of doubles, with names like Marcelo Serrado and Paola Oliveira. And if in “Pega Pega”, which is currently being replayed, by her too, everything revolves around morals, in “Cara & Coragem” the theme of courage will be, already in the title.

But before that, Globo will show “Quanto Mais Vida, Melhor!”.

Celebration time

Argentine actor Juan Manuel Teleatgui completed 25 years of his career, 40 years of life and 10 years of living in São Paulo with two features in 2022: “guas Selvagens”, a co-production from Brazil and Argentina directed by Argentine Rolly Santos, where the concierge Fabian Lives, and “Sofia,” a film directed by Rafael Santin and Henrik Satin, as CEO Danilo.

“In cinema, Brazil and Argentina are brothers. Audiovisual material takes on a global character when it crosses borders and includes accents,” says Teleatje, who collects 16 films, 25 plays and 3 series on Amazon Prime Video, Canal Brasil and Warner.
(Credit Rafa Marquez/Disclosure)

city ​​selection

Alessandra Poggi, author of “Além da Ilusão,” Near Six on Globo, talks about the selection of Poços de Caldas from Minas Gerais for plot sites. “While preparing the summary, I was looking for a city that represented the charm and glamor of Brazil in the 1930s and not one that was actually depicted in other works, such as Rio, Sao Paulo…”.

“I started studying Poços and was happy to be able to present my main protagonists in the scenarios of the city I visited in March 2018,” the writer explains.


Big streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which this year have already announced important projects and signings, promise even bigger news for the 2022 season.

And all of this is directly related to the development of Covid-19 vaccines.


Bruno Rocha, 26 years old and 16 years old in his career, is one of the cast members of “7 Prisoners”, along with Rodrigo Santoro. The award-winning feature opens in Venice on November 11th on Nettflix. “I feel proud to be a part of ‘7 Prisoners’.

During the recordings, I understood the responsibility of talking about contemporary slavery, how it happened to us and we don’t even realize it,” the actor stated.

the second season

With locations in Rocinha and other parts of Rio de Janeiro, the second season of the series “Arcanjo Renegado” starring Marcello Melo Junior has been taped.

There will be, again, 10 episodes, and with all due care as to scenario weapons. for the first time in 2022.

hit rebound

• After the panic, Anna Maria Braga must return to “Mais Você” on Monday …

• …”must”, because Anna’s team is not targeting her return…

• …Some people say Anna will only return to Mais Você after the holidays.

• The “Quando Chama o Coração” series will have a long way to go in the record…

• … On April 26, 2020, Hallmark Channel announced that the series will return for the eighth season, which premiered on February 21, 2021…

• …As early as May 9, 2021, the same Hallmark reported that “When Calls the Heart” will premiere its ninth season in 2022.

• Team Luciano Huck “Domingão” is already working on news of the 2022 season of the show…

• …there will be space for a board containing incredible stories.

• Renan Motta scores for “Secret Truths 2”, as Hebert, a “Ti” professional who will take care of the modeling agency’s social networking.

• Sophie Charlotte, Leticia Colin, Regina Cassie and Ilian Giardini are booked for “Olho por Olho”, Joao Emmanuel Carneiro’s soap opera in line at 9 pm at Globo …

• …Cayo Castro and Humberto Carau also speak to the actors …

• … But Tony Ramos, nicknamed the villain of the plot, has already said that nothing has been closed yet …

• …He, Tony, is already ready for two more jobs around the house.