June 1, 2023
Duffy joins ex-Yolanda and sings victory before TV news

Duffy joins ex-Yolanda and sings victory before TV news

Self-confidence will put Davy/Rafael (Rafael Vitti) in hot water behind the illusion. Determined to take back IsadoraLarissa Manuela), the magician will think that Iolanda’s ex-boyfriend (Duda Brac) and Toniño’s father have allied with him, and will sing victory ahead of his time, but they will end up stealing the circus artist at Globo’s sixth opera.

It all begins when a scammer performs a guessing trick and discovers the true identity of the star’s son’s father. He will go after the boy to convince him to reveal the mask of the vaudeville actress. But the task will not be so easy.

In the scenes that the air of Next Monday class, the executive will attend a presentation by the young man and call him to perform his Christmas performances at the work village. With few resources, Pablo will accept the invitation, and fake Raphael will be thrilled.

Surely the battle has already been won, the protagonist will accept IsadoraBut the tailor will not accept the demonstration and will scold her ex-boyfriend. Later, David will find himself in a streak of bad luck when he realizes that his property has been stolen by the person he thought was his latest ally to defeat him. Joachim (Danilo Mesquita) The star’s demoralization.

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Sacha Bali (midfield) will play with Pablo

Who is Pablo in Beyond the Illusion?

Performed by Sasha Bali, Atarum of origin (2021), Pablo is a circus performer. A con man, the character is Yolanda’s ex-boyfriend and has not assumed Toniño’s paternity.

The boy will enter the series to mess up Duffy’s core, who he’ll look for to weed the actress out of the play, but the bad character will promote Margot’s girlfriend (Marissa Orth)’s rapprochement with the scammer. The two will go to bed in the next chapters.

The second stage of the Alessandra Poggi competition was held in the 1940s in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro. Also check out our six summaries from Globo that the news Posted daily.

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