June 1, 2023
Rose returns to Brazil to detonate the Guilherme bomb.  TV news

Rose returns to Brazil to detonate the Guilherme bomb. TV news

William Mateus Solano is almost going to have a heart attack The more life, the better!. After returning from France, the flower Barbara Cullen will inform her ex-husband that she will be revealed to child (Vladimir Brechta) is the real father of Tigrau (Mateusz Abreu). The Galactic Doctor will be horrified at the prospect of losing his son’s love at Globo’s Seventh Opera.

In the scenes scheduled to be broadcast starting next Tuesday (3).even in Paris, where she will live to work as a model, the girl will not be able to distract her mind from the love story that she had with the football player.

In a flash of foolishness, the former French teacher will give up everything and leave for Brazil to look for the footballer. Once they meet, the two will get back together and exchange a passionate kiss.

Almost immediately, she will feel guilty for being by her lover’s side not knowing that he has a child. Therefore, Guilherme will alert that he will tell the character of Vladimir Bershta that Tigger is his heir.

Hearing Rose’s words, the surgeon would become desperate. At this point in the plot, Flavia Valentina Herzag has already tried to convince her husband to open the game, But he will refuse, terrified of having to share an heir. Now, that reality would be closer to materialization.

The more life, the better! It’s a TV series Written by Mauro Wilson It is already fully registered. She will leave the air in May, when you give way to her face and courageby Claudia Soto. The new plot will approach the world of acrobats and It will star Paola Oliveira, Marcelo Cerrado and Tess Araujo.

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