June 25, 2024

Earn from ESG stocks in December and check out the biggest market survey tips

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Check out Brazil’s largest survey of action pointers with a focus on ESG (Photo: Unsplash/Nick Fewings)

“Green” thinking in the financial market is a reality and a reflection of this is demonstrated by the greater coverage of equity analysts from companies that respect the themes of ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance). B3 itself already has an ETF (ESGB11) are traded on your trading floor.

NS Money Times After these evaluations for the month of December I found eight analysts – wagesAnd EnergeticAnd harvest bankAnd BB InvestmentsAnd Actual BTGAnd big investmentAnd Santander NS XP – which produces specific threads for companies that adhere to ESG standards. There were 40 different companies in 75 recommendations. Five of them got four or more suggestions. Check out why there’s every one in this green wallet below.

(Image: Weg/Disclosure)

The industrial equipment maker is once again on top of analysts’ choice. “We see WEG as one of the best placed companies from an ESG perspective in our coverage,” XP Investimentos notes.

“WEG is capitalizing on a trend of investing in clean energy and more efficient electric motors. These trends mean growth opportunities for the company, but when we think about WEG’s ESG practices, we also feel comfortable,” BTG analyzes.

Renner Stores
(Photo: Renan Dantas/Money Times)

With five suggestions, and one more from November, Renner again took second place in the poll.

Ágora Investimentos emphasizes the company’s sustainable production of raw materials, such as certified cotton.

“One of the materials the company has prioritized to reduce the impacts of raw materials is cotton certified by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), a global non-profit organization that evaluates the cotton production process in terms of respect for the rights of workers in the chain; conscientious use of water, chemical products, and agricultural pesticides; and maintaining the health of the soil and habitat,” the mediator assesses.

temper nature
(Photo: Renan Dantas/Money Times)

Also with five suggestions out of the eight collected, Natura tied for second place.

“ESG’s vision for Natura & Co has a long history. For decades, Natura, the group’s Brazilian company that turned 50 in 2019, has been known for the way it integrates sustainability into its business model. The other companies in the group (Avon, The Body Shop and Aesop) also have a very strong socio-environmental DNA,” BB Investimentos highlights in its report.

Pulp and paper Susanoo
(Photo: Facebook / Suzano)

The pulp manufacturer won two more nominations and also jumped to second place.

“Susanoo is the global market leader in core production, with a very competitive cost structure and a position to ride the wave of sustainability. The leadership in terms of production should be expanded with the construction of the new plant in Mato Grosso do Sul, which is supposed to start operating in 2024, while Costs must remain competitive given the company’s focus on this line,” Bank Safra highlights.

Itaú Unibanco
(Photo: Rafael Borges/Money Times)

The country’s largest private bank won another nomination, going to four, but slipping back to fifth in the rankings.

BB Investimentos reports that on November 16, 2021, Itaú was selected to be part of the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index for the 22nd consecutive year, which brings together the world’s leading companies in the field of sustainability, being the only bank in Latin America that will be part of this index since Established in 1999.

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