June 18, 2024

The gaming industry is preparing for sensory experiences with 5G technology

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Players will soon have access to games With new experiences Sensory and visual effects with access 5G networkThe next generation of mobile internet. Modernity allows for faster internet connections, which has sparked a race in the gaming industry to acquire new technologies.

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Last week, producers and manufacturers gathered at a telecommunications event in Hawaii, USA. His plan is to create products that are able to take advantage of high-resolution images like 4K and 8K, as well as play more frames per second.

The companies are also focusing on audio to enable players to locate their opponents by listening to everything that is happening around them. News like this should lead to the creation of new glove and eyeglass franchises. Virtual Reality.

According to consultancy Statista, the gaming industry is expected to grow by 15% in 2021, with revenues of about $91 billion.

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The goal of the big companies in this sector is to enable the user to play anywhere. Developers focus on harnessing the increased power and integrating mobile phones and computers into cloud computing.

“The idea is to create more solutions for the gaming market and transform that experience,” said Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer, the industry giant.

5G should benefit even from “heavier” mobile games. “Mobile game is the mainstay of the gaming industry. The whole industry is moving to the cloud with 5G. It is a technology growth area for companies. That’s why companies are working with games So that new software can be developed,” explained Cristiano Amon, CEO and President of Qualcomm.

“With increasingly powerful hardware, it will be possible to play anywhere and anytime. That’s why the industry wants the best technology at our fingertips, we want to create more and more esports in the palm of our hands,” added Craig Levine, CEO of ESL.

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