June 14, 2024

Eliezer deleted from the Fiat stress test at BBB 22 | At present

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Eliezer deleted from the Fiat stress test at BBB 22 |  At present

After 15 hours of controversy in Fiat Endurance Test In the BBB 22, Eliezer He was eliminated from the competition for a place in the final.

Douglas Silva was the first to leave the racewho was disqualified after letting his boxing gloves fall from the trunk of his car, violating one of the rules of the dispute.

Throughout the race, the brothers face some challenges, like rain, heat, and wind, and they also have to race against time and fight sleep.

Eliezer disqualified from Fiat resistance test at BBB 22 – Photo: Globo

Check out who’s still in contention for a place in BBB 22:

Check out the Fiat Endurance Test Stations:

electricity station (BBB 19)

The siblings suffer from the effects of the weather and get trapped in the car.

Thaddeus Schmidt He explains the rules: “You should always pay attention to the notice on the screen. It will show the Fiat station where you need to go. First, everyone at the base should pay attention. Then, when the screen appears, you go to the station. Its base and color. The dolls will help you hang.” You’ll be stuck waiting for the surprises to happen to you. You’ll go through the weather (rain, heat, wind). Base, you’ll be back to Wait for the next command. If someone is off base when the command enters a station, they are disqualified.”

all-in-car stationBBB 01)

The two brothers have to stay in the car without sleeping.

“You have to get in the car and keep the doors closed. If you open the door, you will also be disqualified. By following the rule, you can only get out of the car when the display shows the command to return to the rules. Be careful not to open the door,” stresses Thaddeus.

The brothers must load the trunk, press the button and get into the car within the time.

Tadeu tells the two brothers, “Everyone looks for a locker with the color of their jacket. The timer will start on the screen and everyone in the garage matches their jacket. She has a wardrobe for things urban and another for sports. Take the things in the trunk of the Fiat Toro and put them back in the empty locker.” Please note that the items must be returned correctly in the marked places.Then take the items from the other locker and store them in the Fiat Toro chest, the four items.Do not close the chest.After making the switch, you have to return to your base and press the button on your totem before Time is running out.”

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