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Império Serrano, Unidos de Padre Miguel and Santa Cruz on the second day of the Gold Chain rallies in Rio | 2022 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

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Império Serrano, Unidos de Padre Miguel and Santa Cruz on the second day of the Gold Chain rallies in Rio |  2022 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

I put my trust in The first nightThis second half of the Golden Series (former Italian Serie A) did not have any kind of accident or time overrun. All eight schools were able to complete their presentations in 55 minutes or less.

Moslem-like parades at Lens Imperial – Photo: Alexandre Durau/G1

The Imperial Lens Opened the second night of the Golden Series. The current champion of the Intendente Magalhães Special Group, Division III of the Carioca Carnival, entered Sapucaí about 15 minutes late.

With the theme “Mussum pra sempris. Bring ‘mé’ that today with Lins there will be plenty of samba in the foot”, the school honored the comedian and sambista in all his gifts and characters.

There were 26 suites, three cars, a tripod and 1,800 components to show Trapalhão, a member of the Originals do Samba group and even Kid Mumu da Mangueira.

In the front panel, which depicted various characters of the Mussuns, lookalike Rildo Martins drew attention to his resemblance to the actor.

The opening car showed Cachoeirinha Hill, a community that is part of the Lins complex, where Mussum was born.

The latter had problems making the role and getting into the show, which hampered development a bit at the end, but it didn’t affect school time. It was 55 minutes stuck.

Belford Roxo’s inaugural car, “Drums for the Ancestors” – Photo: Alexandre Durão/g1

The second school was Innocent of Belford Purple. Founded in 1994, the young club finished fourth in 2020.

Now, he’s taken to Sapucaí the plot of “A Noite dos Tambores Silenciosos,” the story of a party that for more than 50 years has celebrated the origins of black people in Recife.

Orixa worship takes place from midnight on Monday at the Carnival, when all the lights go out and the drums begin to beat.

The Baixada Fluminense had 17 suites, three cars, two tripods, and 2,200 components.

Since it could not be otherwise, the front panel entered accompanied by a giant drum, from which came an orixá who made the connection between two worlds.

The Innocent of Belford Purple He managed to shut down his motorcade in 54 minutes.

Estácio de Sá Parade – Photo: Alexandre Durão / g1

third night school, Estácio de Sá He tries to return to the private group. Relegated to the First Division (now Siri Gold) in 2020, when they were in the penultimate position.

For the only place to climb this year, the association bet a 1995 story re-release. “Uma vez Flamengo” becomes “Cobra coral, Papagaio Vintém. In the eyes of the masses.”

The front panel talked about the players’ relationship to their pre-game rituals and jersey weight – in this case, almost literally. A drone carried a red-black cloak over Subukai.

In the first car and in the following wings, the school presented the history of this jersey, which began in blue and gold at the time of the boat club, to the current red and black.

Already on top of another allegory, representing the favela party taking place in the Flamengo’s victories on the field, it was Similar to the original cast.

With 22 suites, three cars, a tripod, a scenography element, and 2,200 components, the school finished with 54 minutes.

Front Committee of Santa Cruz, “The Polar Dance and the Coronation of Black Kings” – Photo: Alexandre Durao / c 1

The Santa Cruz Academy, 4th Night School, is a longtime member of the Golden Chain. The last time he left was in 2003, when he moved to the private group. The following year, he returned and stayed.

After seventh place in 2020, in 2022, the school brought to Sapucaí the theme “Axé, Milton Gonçalves – No catupé da Santa Cruz”.

With 22 wings, three cars, a tripod and 2,500 components, Santa Cruz recalled the actor’s childhood on a coffee plantation in Minas Gerais and connected his career with Orexas.

The black and white of most of the first wings was found contrasting with the pink and purple of the second car, which represented the period when Milton worked in a library and fell in love with the arts, the red and black of his flamingo heart team. , green and pink from Mangueira, his school.

But the last car, which portrayed Milton as his character in the TV series “Bem Amado”, was supposed to show his freedom. But he had problems with mobility.

However, the school managed to shut down the distraction gate within 53 minutes.

The ending of the show is still a surprise. One Component surprised by the suggestion made by her boyfriend.

Front panel “Timekeepers” at Unidos de Padre Miguel – Photo: Alexandre Durão / g1

The United by Father Miguel He was the fifth to enter Sapucaí. The school came close to moving to the private group in 2020, finishing second in a year in which only one was promoted.

In 2022, the group moved to the carnival in Rio under the title “Iroko – É tempo de xirê”, about Arexa’s time, knowledge and origin, little known in Brazil.

The UPM had 22 wings, three cars, a tripod, one ordering a ticket in place of its wing opener, and 2,000 items.

In the front panel, an impressive scenographic element appeared with a large “live” tree that accompanies the dancers on a tripod.

The school ended the show with a large white but very luminous car, decorated with a dove, the symbol of Iroko. The gates were closed for 52 minutes.

The front panel of Vigário Geral – Photo: Alexandre Durao / g1

It was the sixth show of the night from Academics of the Attorney GeneralOne of the smallest schools in the Golden Chain, which was established in 1991.

The association, which returned to the second section of the Carioca Carnival in 2020 and ranked 11th, in 2022 brought the theme “Little Africa – From Slavery to Belonging, Layers of Memory Between Sea and Hill”.

There were 20 pavilions, three pontoons, and 1,500 items to tell the story of a part of the Rio port area, marked by the arrival of enslaved people in Rio.

The seemingly simple committee, with dancers representing the loaders and unloaders, carried a powerful message. Bags of salt loaded with stickers became black victims of police operations, like the young Ugatha Felix.

At the opening, there was a large slave ship representing the pain and mistreatment of blacks, and at the forefront was a dragon, a symbol of the brutality of slavery.

Without qualms, the school finished its show in 52 minutes.

Wing car Imperio da Tijuca, ‘New school: GRANES Quilombo – Photo: Alexandre Durao/g1

The Tijuka Empire He was the seventh to enter Sapucaí. The school, which ranked sixth in 2020, came this year under the motto “Samba de Quilombo: Resistance from the Roots”.

To sing about the Quilombo dos Palmares block, a black statement made in the 1970s against the “whitening” of Carnival, the group had 20 suites, three cars, a tripod, and 1,500 members.

On the front panel, the dancers demonstrated the connection between Brazil and Africa, through choreography and costumes inspired by the country and the continent.

In Abri unfortunately, the school abandoned its colors, green and white, for those who distinguished the quilombo (which in time became a samba school), with a large yellow, purple, and black car.

The Tijuka Empire He managed to finish his show in the 54th minute.

Front panel of Império Serrano, ‘Besouro and the ogun patent empire’ – Photo: Alexandre Durão/g1

It was up to Cyrano’s Empire Role closing the 2022 Golden Series rallies. The school, which has a history of coming and going with the special group, finished ninth in the previous Série A in 2020.

In an effort to return to the elite, the group brought to Sapucaí the plot “Mangangá”, which revolves around the story of the legendary Bahian capoerista Besouro Mangangá.

He himself is represented on the front panel, with the right to fight, choreography with live armor, his “closed body” symbolized by the oryxas, and transformation into a beetle in itself. The insect trapped in the drone initially found it difficult to take off, but then managed to descend on the ground.

The Empire took 18 suites, three cars, a tripod, and 2,000 items to Sapucaí in a color display to represent the legend of the fighter, the leader of blacks in the post-abolitionist period, at the start of the 20th century.

At the opening, a huge beetle drew attention in front of the allegory, surrounded by statues of Oryxas.

The school managed to finish its review in 53 minutes.

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