October 3, 2023
Como será a Prova Final do BBB 22?

How will the final BBB 22 test be?

This Thursday, 04/21, the BBB 22 Final Exam will run, the last of the release. Through him it will be possible to meet the first finalist of the reality show in this way.

According to the spoilers, this is a test of stamina, which will require your top 4 to focus above everything else. So, check out more details on what’s to come!

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The ultimate BBB 22 test: what would it be like?

On Twitter, according to information from Muka, a commentator on reality shows and celebrities, the final test will be a test of resistance. It doesn’t stop there! After all, it is likely that the brothers, in addition to fighting for first place in the Grand Final, will be able to take home a 0 km car.

That is, the competition will be sponsored by a car manufacturer. Therefore, the lucky winner and finalist will have the chance to win a car. it will be?

Muka also notes that the dynamics will likely include water and wind, with no time limit. So this Thursday will start after the series.wet landIt has no expiration date. It will be up when you hold up, however.

Who participates in the latest BBB 22 test?

Last BBB 22 Final Exam
Source: Globoplay

Arthur Aguiar and Paulo Andre are already guaranteed a BBB 22 final exam, because they’re not in 17 sea wall. On the other hand, Douglas Silva, Eliezer and Pedro Scobe, who are waiting to determine the hot seat, are counting on the score to see who can and who can’t participate.

And who loses?

From the winner, the first sibling of the finalist trio will be known. At the same time, from this test, another Paredão for season 22 of the BBB will be formed. The three trapped will fight for the remaining two places in the decision, which will be held on Tuesday, April 26.

Final stretch: What will the dynamics be like this week at BBB?

In that sense, check out what the final week of Big Brother Brasil 2022 looks like:

  • Thursday, 04/21: Paredão 17th Test and Leader canceled;
  • Friday, 22/04: Paredão formation (if the event ends by the date);
  • Saturday 23/04: Last Party;
  • Sunday 4/24: Elimination; Final formation and opening vote;
  • Mon, 25/4: Conversation with Tado Schmidt;
  • Tuesday 04/26: Grand Final.

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